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Ryan Phillippe

"The Big Sky": "Shooter" Star Ryan Phillippe Joins David E. Kelley's ABC Thriller

The Big Sky also stars John Carroll Lynch and Dedee Pfeiffer.The series comes from A+E Studios and Disney’s 20th Television Director Paul McGuigan, Matthew Gross, Kelley, Ross Fineman, and C.J Box serve as executive producers. Other Work ● Phillippe concentrated more on television than films as of late, with roles in USA’s Shooter, ABC’s Secrets and Lies,[...]

It's 7 Blood Signs, Zero Bodies, and 'One Dollar' in CBS All Access' Series Trailer

The path of the dollar bill and point of view in each episode paint a picture of a modern American town with deep class and cultural divides that spill out into the open as the town’s secrets get revealed.CBS All Access’s One Dollar stars John Carroll Lynch, Nathaniel Martello-White, Chris Denham, Philip Ettinger, Kirrilee Berger, Gracie Lawrence, Joshua[...]

'One Dollar' Proves a Deadly Price to Pay in First CBS All Access Teaser

The path of the dollar bill and point of view in each episode paint a picture of a modern American town with deep class and cultural divides that spill out into the open as the town's secrets get revealed. [caption id="attachment_897921" align="aligncenter" width="600"] CBS All Access[/caption]CBS All Access' One Dollar stars John Carroll Lynch, Nathaniel Martello-White,[...]

Grey's, The Boys, Wrestling Spoilers, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e30]

And this is how it starts: you take your shoes off in the back of my van. My shirt looks so good when it's just hanging off your back. And you said, "Use your hands and my spare time. We've got one thing in common it's"… The Weekly Static! With all due respect to an incredibly cool song […]

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Cult Episode 1 Recap: "The Revolution Has Begun"

Throw a cult of murdering clowns (possibly); the fascist rise to power of Evan Peters's Kai Anderson (definitely); a woman (Sarah Paulson) who's hallucinating clowns (maybe); and a young and in-danger-from-every-direction Oz (Cooper Dodson) into the mix, and you'll see that Murphy's looking to get a lot done this season.It says something when you find[...]

'American Horror Story: Cult': Twisty Comes To Life In New Motion Comic

Simpson: American Crime Story): if people don't swarm to American Horror Story: Cult's Season 7 premiere this Tuesday night, it won't be for lack of some serious marketing "trying" on their parts.The PR machine kept rolling on Friday with the release of a new motion comic spotlighting the murderous machinations of American Horror Story: Freak[...]

Channel Zero: No-End House

'Channel Zero: No-End House' Gets A Very Creepy Full Trailer

This new season is based on an internet creepypasta story, The No-End House, by Brian Russell.The No-End House refers to a legendary paranormal house and its challenging architecture of six psychosis-inducing rooms and everyone who enters comes out telling a different story with different descriptions of the inside.Amy Forsyth stars as Margot Sleator, a young college[...]

'American Horror Story: Cult' Trailer: 'What Fills Your Heart With Dread?'

We even get out first looks at Billie Lourd's Winter and Alison Pill's Ivy along the way.Oh...and did I mention the spirit of Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) still lives-on?All of the unpleasant ingredients you need to start trouble...or as Kai says it:“If you get people scared enough, they will set the world[...]

Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38

Anything you can do to entertain them will also be welcomed.The London Film And Comic-Con will be at the Olympia exhibition hall near Earl's Court and Brompton Park.Joining me at the show are Marv Wolfman, Tommy Yune, Andy Diggle, Geoff Senior, Rantz Hoseley, Simon Furman, Jessica Martin, Ben Templesmith, Will Simpson, Amrit Birdi, Paul Cornell,[...]

'American Horror Story' Season 7: Twisty The Clown's Back!

If we're reading the tea leaves of Ryan Murphy's Instagram tease correctly, Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) might be around American Horror Story's Season 7 for a lot more than balloon animals and joy-buzzers Though details about the upcoming season are still few and far-between, Murphy has taken to social media over the past[...]

Channel Zero Makes Creepiest Kids Show Ever

The series calls this a puppet show that turned children into murderers.The last episode of the first six-episode season airs November 15th and stars Amy Forsyth and John Carroll Lynch A second season is already in the works. Channel Zero on Syfy is about a series of abductions that took place while a horribly creepy[...]