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Die Hard: Bruce Willis Returns Atop “Nakatomi Plaza” on Social Media
Since Bruce Willis announced his retirement from acting and studios continue to milk successful franchises, my suggestion to 20th Century Studios is, "Why not Die Hard?" Before anyone gets sanctimonious about touching this so-called sacred institution, let me remind you that Willis' final act as John McClane in 2013's A Good Day to Die Hard[...]
Die Hard: Bruce Willis Returns Atop “Nakatomi Plaza” on Social Media
John McClane (Willis), who visits his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) at her company Christmas party in Los Angeles Unbeknownst to them, terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) take over the building and take everyone in the party hostage With his only contact on the ground, a dedicated beat cop (Reginald VelJohnson), it will take everything[...]
Auto Draft
And it is his cover for that first issue which is up for auction as part of Heritage's Original Comics Art auction this week, going under the hammer later today. John Paul Leon's Die Hard Cover, At Auction Today With the young John McLane as a police officer in New York… John Paul Leon Die Hard: Year One #1 Variant[...]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake Peralta’s One Hell of a Die Hard Fan Mashup
He begs his captain, "Can we go in?! Can we pay our respects?" Defeated, Holt acquiesces saying, "Fine, make it quick." Peralta celebrates by saying "Yes! Pull it over there Argyle!" referencing John McClane's (Bruce Willis) driver from the first film Holt asks, "Pardon?" before he's told who he is before saying "Nakatomi" again with[...]
What's Going on With 'Die Hard 6' Post Disney's Fox Purchase?
Longtime producer Lorenzo diBonaventura had revealed a working title [kind of] of McClane, stating that "we want you to get invested in John McClane more than ever before." Not much else has been said about Die Hard 6 since diBonaventura's chat with CinemaBlend, and with the recent completion of Disney's acquisition of Fox, the title remains one of the[...]
Funko Die Hard Tony Vreskiv
The John McClane Pop! looks somewhat the worse for wear with blood on his hand and shirt, but that won't stop him from stopping mastermind Hans Gruber whose Pop! is in surprising good condition considering everything that goes down that fateful Christmas Eve Tony Vreskiv looks downright festive wearing a Santa hat and more than a little blood[...]
Katee Sackhoff Talks AI, Bruce Willis, and '2036 Origin Unknown'
Did you feel a little John McClane at all there? Katee: [laughing] IT'S SO FUNNY because I literally just talked about this the other day, where when I was little I wanted to be Bruce Willis— Mab: The first time I interviewed you years ago you told me that! [we both laugh] Katee: I know! I used to put[...]