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Full Issue – Sherlock Holmes #1 From Dynamite

Today we get Leah Moore and John Reppion's take on Sherlock Holmes The cover was done by John Cassidy with interior art by Aaron Campbell and colors by Tony Avila.For more information or to pick up the trade, go to the Dynamite website. We've got another full issue from our friends at Dynamite Entertainment[...]

Damsels # 7 Charges Towards Arc's Finale

That’s due to the writing of duo Leah Moore and John Reppion, and the inventive artwork of Aneke.Damsels is charging toward the completion of its first arc, and when issues 1-8 are in hand, they will be published as a collected volume, already available for pre-order Issue #7 was released recently, and it’s a notable[...]

FREE: Damsels #1 by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Aneke

Well, you might not be able to get your free Marvel #1 digital comics from ComiXology right now, you can at least get a free copy of Damsels #1 by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Aneke, right here.You can find more Damsels stuff here. Well, you might not be able to get your free Marvel[...]

Damsels In Distrust

Eventually.Orders for Damsels #1 by John Reppion, Leah Moore and Aneke for Dynamite, are due today.   I was pretty much sold with the cover and premise But now I've had a chance to read the final first issue of Damsels #1 And it totally works. There's been a rash of fairytales-in-the-real-world of late from Fables to Grimm[...]

Sketching Damsels

We kinda fell head over heels for the upcoming Damsels series from Dynamite, written by Team Moore Reppion and covered by J Scott Campbell. But here's a look at some of the design artwork for the comic by series artist Aneke…

Damsels – Don't Call Them Disney Princesses

This does rather sound like another fairytale-iconcs-remixed-for-a-modern-adult-audience-and-hell-can-we-get-a-film-out-of-it, even with the name Damsels.But it is written by Leah Moore and John Reppion, drawn by Aneke with covers from J Scott Campbell and Sean Chen...Dynamite are publishing this Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid and Snow White comic, otherwise known as the Disney Princesses without all the messy[...]

Taking You Through The Thrill Electric – VIDEO

Bleeding Cool pointed out the new iOS free App for Leah Moore, John Reppion, Windflower Studios and Emma Vieceli's The Thrill Electric digital comic.Not everyone has an iPad or iPhone or course, and the comic is still available as a webcomic.But if you ever needed a reason to buy such a device.. well, take a[...]

Moore And Reppion's The Thrill Electric Hits The iPad And iPhone For Free

Real life steampunk.Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion, designed by Emma Vieceli, illustrated by The Windflower Studio and brought into being by littleloud and Hat Trick for Channel Four, it's now been released as an App for Apple devices, for free Which is probably the best home for it as well.It remains as stunning[...]

Moore-Reppion-D'Israeli Join Judge Dredd Megazine

Leah Moore and John Reppion are to write for the 2000AD stable for the first time, with the legendary artist D'Israeli, in the Judge Dredd Megazine short story section Tales From The Black Museum.Scouting For Bots, a play on the Baden Powell book, Their first work for 2000 AD, a Tales from the Black Museum story[...]

FREE: Raise The Dead 2 #1 And Hack/Slash/Eva #1

The free first issues of Raise The Dead 2 by Leah Moore, John Reppion, Mike Raicht and Guiu Vilanova, followed by the first issue of Hack/Slash/Eva by Brandon Jerwa and Cezar.Of course, if you like them, you can also buy the Raise The Dead 2 and Hack/Slash/Eva: Monsters Ball trade paperbacks also out today.It's a[...]

First Two Chapters Of The Thrill Electric Go Live

Chosen for its paralles with the world of today, we see a new technology creating and enhancing both business and social communication, with all the petty foibles inherent in the human condition, in a world beset with drugs, sex, violence and, rather unusually, an equality of treatment between the genders, even the classes, at work,[...]

The Thrill Electric From Moore, Reppion, Vieceli And Windflower To Launch Next Week

The Thrill Electric, a motion comic project from the people behind Kieron Gillen's Curfew, with a creative team of Leah Moore, John Reppion, Emma Vieceli and the team from Windflower Studios and Littleloud Studios, all for Channel 4, telling a very modern tale of the beginning of the electric telegraph in the Victorian era, in[...]

Congratulations To John Reppion And Leah Moore!

Co-writers of Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Dracula comics, Leah Moore and John Reppion are proud to announce that Leah is five months with child Everyone is healthy, happy and hearty, and we wish the couple-about-to-become-a-triple the sincerest of Bleeding Cool well wishes And as the Twittercongratulations descended upon the pair, what did John have[...]

Review: Sherlock Holmes #2 By Leah Moore And John Reppion

And standing below it one person asks another the time.And so I found myself shouting at the comic, "Look up, you idiot."Any comic that does that to a person must be special.Sherlock Holmes #2 by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Aaron Campbell was published last week by Dynamite Entertainment, $3.50. Okay, so this book came[...]