The Thrill Electric From Moore, Reppion, Vieceli And Windflower To Launch Next Week

This was the announcement made at the MCM London Expo that had me more excited than anything else at the show. The Thrill Electric, a motion comic project from the people behind Kieron Gillen's Curfew, with a creative team of Leah Moore, John Reppion, Emma Vieceli and the team from Windflower Studios and Littleloud Studios, all for Channel 4, telling a very modern tale of the beginning of the electric telegraph in the Victorian era, in Manchester.

I don't know which aspect of that paragraph I liked the most but the trailer blew me away to the extent that I still have the tune as the ringtone on my mobile phone.

So enamoured of my enthusiasm were the production company Hat Trick, that they sent me this exclusive cover that  I'm sharing with you.

The comic debuts on October the 27th at this address. Expect me to talk lots and lots about it, to be honest, you might as well bookmark it now.

Here's the trailer that got me off my seat with applause. Dammit, it's still good.

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