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Breach: Cody Kearsley Talks Fitting In and Learning on the Fly
Directed by John Suits (Pandemic), Kearsley stars as Noah, a blue-collar engineer who becomes a stowaway to a military transport ship trying to be there for his family I spoke to the actor about what drives Noah, fitting in with the cast, and what he's learned from his co-stars. Cody Kearsley as Noah in Breach (2020)[...]
Breach: Bruce Willis vs. Super Zombies in Nonsensical Sci-Fi Action
When the opportunity to work with director John Suits again for Breach, she couldn't pass it up I spoke to the actress about her latest film, how the role of Chambers compares to her other sci-fi projects, the stunt work of an indie film to the mainstream, and her co-stars "I had worked with John[...]
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In this episode, Jason chats with John Suits, Director of Breach (out December 18), starring Bruce Willis and Cody Kearsley Suits described the film as an homage to classics like Alien and modern zombie films The horror/sci-fi movie starts with a concept straight out of an even older classic, When Worlds Collide, with humanity fleeing earth[...]
Bruce Willis Stars In Another Sci-Fi Thriller, Breach Hits December 18
Also starring Cody Kearsley, Rachel Nichols, and Thomas Jane, the film is directed by John Suits from a script by Edward Drake and Corey Large In the film, a crew flying a life-saving ark and fleeing a plague on planet Earth While in orbit, they encounter aliens that can shape-shift out to destroy humanity Yippie-Ki-Yay[...]