joker origin movie

Joker origin movie

[RUMOR] The Script For The Joker Origin Movie Is Almost Finished

Justin Kroll over at Variety posted an update to Twitter about the Todd Phillips Joker origin movie:Hear THE JOKER script will be turned in by next week, super fast considering when announcement went out bodes well for 2018 shoot — Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) September 20, 2017This seems credible, as this isn't the first time DC has[...]

Joker origin movie

[RUMOR] Joker Origin Movie: A Bullied Kid With A Permanent Smile

We have a new rumor surrounding that Joker movie that The Hangover director Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese. The movie was just announced to a less than favorable reception from the internet. It seems as if a good portion of people don't want to know or don't care to know the origin of the Clown […]