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Reading Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's Revenge #1

This is me, watching Jonathan Ross last night, while reading the first issue of Jonathan Ross' new comic, Revenge. It's tempting to see this comic in the spirit of the Revenge tragedy plays of the Jacobean and Elizabethan eras. And it holds true, if seen through the filter of cosmetic surgery, the Hollywood machine and […]

Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month

I do like Gosh Comics of London. And Gosh Comics like comics. Lots of them. And in March they have a lot to show for it, announcing British Comics Month. Let's have a look at what they, and others, have planned for the month of March… Now until March 9th – Alone Forever, An Exhibition […]

Jonathan Ross Comes To Banbury

My parents now live in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Not too much happens there, and that's pretty much the way they like it. And there's a train to London so they can see the grandkids. I was up there this past Sunday. Not much was happening. Even the comic shop was closed. It won't be closed on […]

Revenge Vs. Revenge – Jonathan Ross And Marvel Comics

Bleeding Cool wrote about the Jonathan Ross/Ian Churchill comic, Revenge, coming out in a week and a bit. How it was originally called The Revenger but the existence of a webcomic with a similar name caused it to be renamed Revenge. And a trademark was registered in that new name on behalf of both Ross […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's The Revenger Becomes… Revenge!

Previewed in last week's Elephantmen, Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill's The Revenger from Image Comics, will undergo a name change by the time it's published January. I'm told it will now be called "Revenge" but the lead character will still be called The Revenger. Turns out another webcomic had the same name (it might be […]

America's Got Powers Got A Really Cool Ending (Spoiler-Free-Ish)

Tomorrow sees the publication of America's Got Powers #7. It's been a time coming. You might be advised to catch up on issues 1 to 6 tonight, in preparation. Because the concluding issue does something rather interesting. Up until now, we've had a power play, between those affected by powers, the government, the military, the […]

Pop Culture Hounding Ian Churchill On The Revenger

[audio:] At the NICE comics convention in Bedford last weekend, Chris Thompson talked to Ian Churchill for an hour and a half. Towards the end, he touched on The Revenger, his new comic with Jonathan Ross, as the complete opposite of Marineman. With Jacobean influences, 1970s influences, its original title was Frankenstein 90210. And he […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's The Revenger – A New Comic For 2014

We said this was coming a while ago. Now, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, it has a date. And a teaser image. The Revenger, by Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill, to be published in January. Ross has Image titles Turf and America's Got Powers to his name but is better known in the UK as the […]

How I Won An Eisner Award

By Rich Johnston. It's true. You won't have seen my name or that of Bleeding Cool's on the nomination, but I won it all the same. Or co-won. Or I was part of an ensemble. Or I held on to someone else's coat tails. But two San Diego Comic Cons ago, I met Mike Richardson […]

And The Winner Is… Here Are The Folks That Took Home Eisners Last Night

Last night the comic industry gave out the prestigious Eisner Awards. The Comicon folks were kind enough to put up a complete list of winners and we had our own Hannah Means-Shannon on site taking photos. The awards are the industry equivalent to the Oscars with awards presented by The Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, TV personality and writer Jonathan Ross, best selling author Neil Gaiman and actors John Barrowman and James […]

Jonathan Ross And Neil Gaiman To Re-enact "That Kiss" At The Eisners?

I understand that Jonathan Ross will join Neil Gaiman as guest presenters during the upcoming Eisner Awards ceremony this Friday. The last time they stood together on a stage, this happened. [youtube][/youtube] From another angle. [youtube][/youtube] Of course, they wouldn't want to repeat themselves. So… what will they do?