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Like the television and the old movies. And we also get a jump into a television programme by Jonathan Ross, In Search Of Steve Ditko for BBC 4, in which he took Neil Gaiman as his "Etta Candy" to try and meet Steve Ditko They did not get an on-camera interview, but they decided to go[...]
Steve Ditko Wanted Spider-Man to be Orange and Purple
When Jonathan Ross talked with Forbidden Planet about his In Search Of Steve Ditko BBC documentary, Ross revealed one Spider-Man snippet from when he talked to the late Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko that, as far as I can tell has never been shared by anyone before So I thought I'd share it Ross tells us; "I said[...]
15 Hours Of Celebrity Interviews For Forbidden Planet's 42nd Birthday
That includes fifty minutes of Garth Ennis and Dan Slott, an hour of Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Ross and Kevin Smith and well over that for Dirk Maggs Also including videos with Mark Millar, Alice Cooper, William Shatner, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Chris Claremont, Duncan Jones, Leigh Balch, Run DMC, Gerard Way, Ben Aaronovitch, Michael Moorcock,[...]
Jonathan Ross' Cleaners Threw Away Original Art From Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet is about to celebrate its 42nd birthday and Jonathan Ross has been video-interviewed with Forbidden Planet and Titan Comics' Andrew Sumner, going live at on Saturday, August 29th But first, we have Jonathan talking about a truly tragic moment and how it is all Forbidden Planet's fault. "I've still got a bone to pick with Forbidden[...]
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He's just signed a bunch of his work at Forbidden Planet, but he's finding all sorts of distractions. Such as palling with Britain's Head Geek, broadcaster, comedian and host Jonathan Ross, and his eye-watering gallery of original comic book and fantasy artwork Both in his home and his studio. And getting to hold a Frank Frazetta original[...]
Love Actually Sequel Airs Tonight On BBC 1 For Red Nose Day (VIDEOS)
But expect the full version to be available online later today. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Love Actually Sequel For Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Teaser Trailer ( Olivia Olson filmed her behind-the-scenes take… There are plenty of other teasers for tonight… the show promises Jonathan Ross, Sally Phillips, Miranda Hart, Rob Beckett, Romesh Ranganathan,[...]
Fanboy Rampage: When Is A Comic Not A Comic
And today on Twitter it was between Tony S Daniel, Greg Capullo, Kurt Busiek, Jonathan Ross and others. Here is a smattering of what went down Feel free to follow individual timelines for nuance, comprehension and context Consider these a few headlines… @ivygirl851 @ExcelsiorAward @CharlesSoule but I love you Charles, and @ExcelsiorAward recently offered to send me[...]
The Big Auction At Orbital Comics Last Night Cost Me Dear… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: An Auction At Orbital Comics With Jonathan Ross And Tim Farron For The Lakes Festival ( Last night, I went to a comic book art auction at Orbital Comics, to raise money for the Lakes Festival, held every year in Kendal[...]
London Super Comic Con 2015 – From New York To Vegas
Er… After 11? 11:30? That sounds about right. — Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) March 14, 2015 How is london super comic con going? I'm definitely there and not getting there by about 12:30. — Kieron Gillen (@kierongillen) March 14, 2015         Other crowds were generated by Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill, who were signing books, posters and comics from the[...]
Look What The Hugo's Could Have Won! Jonathan Ross At The Eisners
Remember when Jonathan Ross was castigated after accepting the invitation from Neil Gaiman to host this year's Hugo Awards? It was quite a thing and made it onto the front pages of newspapers. [youtube][/youtube] Well, on Friday he was the final presenter of the Eisner Awards You can see the full recipients here, but you can also[...]
Another Day, Another Hugo Controversy
You may remember how, when the UK's biggest chatshow host Jonathan Ross was asked and agreed to host the Hugo Awards for free, certain people were up in arms. Charges of sexism, of bullying, of being outside of the fan community were laid None of which seemed to actually stack up when they were challenged, with[...]
Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill Hit Banbury (Video, Pics And Report)
Not totally.No, it was because Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill were signing the first two issues of their Image comic book, Revenge. It was an unlikely place, the small Oxfordshire town of Banbury, on a rainy Saturday. But it's pleasant enough, and has enough of a market to potter through. No one was letting the damp get them[...]
Things To Do In Banbury Today If You Like Jonathan Ross
Today, Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill are signing copies of their comic book Revenge today, at Comic Connections, a small comic shop in the sleepy town of Banbury, Oxfordshire, the town my parents retired to. So right now I am whizzing up the M40 from London to Banbury, ostensibly to visit my folks but really to[...]
Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill Talk Revenge At Diamond Retailer Day, London (VIDEO)
Straight from yesterday's Diamond Retailer Day in London, the day before today's London Super Comic Con…  Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill talk about their new comic book Revenge, as well as what they'll be doing next Jonathan has a number of projects to work on and Ian is doing more Marineman… Let's see them entertain the troops[...]
The Hugos, Jonathan Ross, His Family And Neil Gaiman
Bleeding Cool ran a summary of the twitterstorm that kicked off in the light of Jonathan Ross being announced at the host of this year's Hugo Awards at LonCon, WorldCon in London, with our own particular take It got linked to from a few places. In the aftermath of Jonathan Ross withdrawing, a few events occurred[...]
When Jonathan Ross Was Presenting The Hugo Awards. Until He Wasn't.
Jonathan Ross, is one of the UK's best known broadcasters, comedians and presenters, hosting a late night chat show and with a sideline in severe geekdom And he's done quite a lot to make that a little more mainstream in his time on the stage of celebrity Recently, he's begun writing comics books from the[...]
Reading Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill's Revenge #1
This is me, watching Jonathan Ross last night, while reading the first issue of Jonathan Ross' new comic, Revenge. It's tempting to see this comic in the spirit of the Revenge tragedy plays of the Jacobean and Elizabethan eras And it holds true, if seen through the filter of cosmetic surgery, the Hollywood machine and pulp[...]
Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month
Let's have a look at what they, and others, have planned for the month of March… Now until March 9th – Alone Forever, An Exhibition By Liz Prince – Orbital Comics Orbital will have an exclusive and limited bookplate edition of Liz Prince's new book on Topshelf, Alone Forever, host an exhibition with art both from the[...]
Jonathan Ross Comes To Banbury
Because that's when TV broadcaster, presenter and comedian Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill are turning up at Comic Connections above a poundstore, to sign copies of Revenge, their new comic book published by Image Comics. Banbury won't know what's hit it Their biggest brush with fame is John Craven living nearby And rockstar paedophile Gary Glitter[...]
Revenge Vs. Revenge – Jonathan Ross And Marvel Comics
Bleeding Cool wrote about the Jonathan Ross/Ian Churchill comic, Revenge, coming out in a week and a bit How it was originally called The Revenger but the existence of a webcomic with a similar name caused it to be renamed Revenge And a trademark was registered in that new name on behalf of both Ross[...]