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Raising Arizona: Alison Pill and Zachary Levi Lead Charity Table Read
Joining Levi and Pill are Dean Norris, Clancy Brown, Macon Blair, Ross Partridge, Sarah Clarke, Jeff Dowd, Leila Almas Rose, Jaime Zevallos, and Jordana Brewster. The Players' producers Matthew Barber, Chris Brown, Darren Dean, Frederik Ehrhardt, Myrta Vida, and Indiewire co-founder Mark Rabinowitz released a statement regarding the project. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]
Random Acts Of Violence Trailer Shows Comic Slasher Come To Life
The film stars Jesse Williams, Jordana Brewster, Baruchel, and Niamh Wilson in a movie where a comic creator's character Slasherman may be coming to life as a fan starts to bring the murders from the comic to the real world The film is based on a comic by the same name published by Image in[...]
'Fast & Furious 9': Watch the First Trailer For the New Film Now!
And I may be off, it has been while, did we already know Dom and Letty named their son Brian? That is so cute! How can anyone watch that trailer and NOT get so excited that you wanna run through a wall? Fast & Furious 9, starring, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges,[...]