Judge Anderson

Anderson: The Deep End Review – The Comic Book Sequel To The Dredd Film

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]Judge Anderson is a big part of the Dredd universe A self described mutant, Anderson has telepathic powers that can penetrate any bad guy--and even any Judge I genuinely love reading about her, and when I was given the chance to review Anderson: The Deep End, I jumped at the chance.The book takes us[...]

Smith To Take On Judge Anderson For IDW This August

With events taking place prior to IDW’s ongoing Judge Dreddseries, “King of the Six Sectors” kicks off with Judge Anderson having a haunting vision of an attack on the Megapolitan Museum Shaken to the core, she sets out to prevent the unthinkable. Smith is joined by artist Carl Critchlow on the new series launching in August[...]