Anderson: The Deep End Review – The Comic Book Sequel To The Dredd Film

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Anderson: The Deep End cover

Judge Anderson is a big part of the Dredd universe. A self described mutant, Anderson has telepathic powers that can penetrate any bad guy–and even any Judge. I genuinely love reading about her, and when I was given the chance to review Anderson: The Deep End, I jumped at the chance.

The book takes us on what a life in the day of Judge Anderson is like. She takes down bad guys, handles drug deals gone bad, and even has to deal with being interrogated by someone else with ESP. It's interesting to see how Anderson internalizes and handles everything thrown at her, since frankly her job is not easy nor do I envy it. Writer  Alec Worley is a masterful writer, and he writes Anderson in a compelling, believable way. She has he own doubts about herself, but she's able to over come that. She's tough as nails, and is able to fight off the bad guys on her own. deepend1Anderson is an empowering hero, and by far and large an underrated heroine in the comic world. That's really what impresses me the most about this book. Anderson isn't written as a weak character. She can stand alone without help, but she does know when to call for backup. Especially a med wagon.

The art in the book is stunning. Artist Paul Davidson is great at capturing the feelings and tensions with the characters. His lines are sometimes rough, but it adds to the overall tone of the book. Colorist Len O'Grady is brilliant with dark colors, which pulls the book together. Anderson is almost always the bright spot in every scene she's in, which you can argue is to show her virtue, but it's most likely because she's a blonde.

Anderson: The Deep End is excellent. These stories will be included in an upcoming trade paperback, but you can pick up the comic at comic shops now. I urge you to do so, as anything Anderson related is worth your time and money.

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