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The Mark Millar Character That No Longer Looks Like Grant Morrison
Back in September, Wilfredo Torres tweeted a character design for Jupiter's Circle, the Mark Milar comic from Image. Supervillain that may or may not look too much like Grant Morrison… yes the suit is supposed to be all white ;) pic.twitter.com/wZHXXk8Fz7 — Wilfredo Torres (@mightyfineline) September 10, 2015 "Supervillain that may or may not look too much like[...]
The Joys Of Jupiter's Circle, The Savage Dragon, Mark Millar And Ayn Rand
The new issue of Jupiter's Circle by Mark Millar, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story, Walden Wong and Ive Svorcina came out yesterday In which  Well I know someone who has Over in this week's Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen…. He's not the only one wanting super powered children to make a "better" world, either. Back in Jupiter's Circle, John Rockefeller wants a[...]
Could Grant Morrison Be A Villain In Jupiter's Circle?
Wilfredo Torres, the artist on Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's Jupiter's Circle has been sharing some designs… and one looks rather familiar. Another one from last night Pretty simple but I had fun figuring this guy out #process pic.twitter.com/lZAHTjUjD3 — Wilfredo Torres (@mightyfineline) September 10, 2015 Supervillain that may or may not look too much like Grant Morrison… yes[...]
Cover Story: The Wicked + The Divine + Jupiter's Circle + Secret Wars
Here's the Fiona Staples variant cover for The Wicked + The Divine #11, just in time for FOC… While Jupiter's Circle #3 gets a couple of variants, both from Frank Quitely I understand that Death Sentence #1 London will be getting a Gifts For Geeks variant while Minions #1 will have a Books-A-Million variant. But for Secret Wars? Well, we[...]
A Comic Show – Secret Wars Battles Convergence
I'm loving what they did with Alfred, Dent, Croc, and Riddler! Image has a few continuing series issues out like Descender and Jupiter's Circle that have my attention, as well as the second collections for Southern Bastards and Rat Queens And Afterlife With Archie is back! Here's Juggy! Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando,[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Titles From Secret Wars To Roche Limit: Clandestiny, Convergence & More!
02 04:42 Convergence #5 05:26 Convergence Batgirl #2 05:45 Convergence Batman & Robin #2 06:09 Convergence Harley Quinn #2 06:20 Convergence Justice League #2 06:32 Convergence Nightwing Oracle #2 06:46 Convergence Speed Force #2 06:59 Convergence Superman #2 07:26 Convergence Atom #2 07:52 Convergence Question #2 08:09 Convergence Titans #2 08:48 Hulk #16 09:26 Jupiter's Circle #2 09:58 Ant-Man #5 10:35 Nailbiter #12 10:54 Amazing Spider-Man #18 11:38 Descender #3 Contact Links: Site –[...]
Take A Spin Around The Grand Superhero Graveyard Of Jupiter's Circle
Mark Millar told Diamond Comic Distributors, about Jupiter's Circle, out this week. No, the series stands alone as a companion series It begins a lot like the Super-Friendscartoon where we have this voice-over talking about these legendary heroes and where they came from and then it's straight into the adventure, no further explanation required The opening[...]
First 3 Pages Of Wilfredo Torres' Art On Jupiter's Circle, With Mark Millar
That's Curt Swan of course, sixties artist supreme on Superman, and the period where Jupiter's Circle, the prequel to Jupiter's Legacy, is set. Except maybe not at first, as this preview of Wilfred Torres' art on the series written by Mark Millar, indicates a look back at the past from the far flung future And since[...]
Will Jupiter's Legacy Prequel/Sequel Be Called Jupiter's Requiem Or Jupiter's Circle?
Well, they have reapplied for new trademark registrations, again for Jupiter's Requiem but now, also Jupiter's Circle instead of Gift A name change perhaps? Millar recently announced that Volume Two of the main series will appear in the autumn on 2015 But might it take longer Millar has stated that his new publishing plan, in light of Jupiter's[...]