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Kingdom Hearts Kairi Wields a Keyblade with New Square Enix Figure 
Towards the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora's love interest and best friend Kairi got her very own Keyblade We got to see her progress as a Keyblade wielder in some of the spinoff series as well as in Kingdom Hearts III This year marks the 20 anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and Square[...]
Kingdom Hearts III Kairi Joins the Good Smile Nendoroid Team
Kairi is here and ready to join her Sora and Riku as she finds out she not only a Princess of Heart but a Keyblade wielder This version of Kairi comes from the latest big console game with Kingdom Hearts III, with her appearance faithfully recreated in Nendoroid form She will come with three face[...]
New "Kingdom Hearts" Pops Announced By Funko
Then we have a new updated version of Kairi as seen in Kingdom Hearts 3 and she is holding a Star Fruit Then we have the first Funko Pops of Aqua and Lea! These are two of my favorite characters and will defiantly be adding them to my collection Aqua is showing off he newest[...]
Kingdom Hearts Funko Gamestop Box
There are four in all: Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a Heartless I was kind of hoping for Sora and a Heartless, but any combination of the four was ok with me They pose very well, and the Kairi really pops with the brighter colors. Each box costs $29.99 and comes with the Tron three pack and[...]