Kingdom Hearts Gets An Exclusive Funko Box At Gamestop, Let's Dive In

Kingdom Hearts is one of the modern gaming eras most-beloved franchises. There is no disputing that. Since Funko Pops took over the collecting world, people have wanted Kingdom Hearts Pops. We started by getting Disney favorites in their Kingdom Hearts looks. We are about to get the original characters here very shortly. We now are getting versions of both based on worlds inside the game. Halloweentown was first. Goofy and Donald were NYCC shared exclusives with Hot Topic. Sora is a Hot Topic exclusive hitting stores now. And the exclusive that comes in this Gamestop-only box joins them.

Kingdom Hearts Funko Gamestop Box

Kingdom Hearts Gamestop Exclusive Tron Three Pack

Man…as soon as I saw this three pack it became one of my favorite Pops. The Tron films are very special to me, and the level in the game is a favorite. So as soon as news of this box dropped I frantically searched the 5 Gamestops around me until I could find one.

Once you get the Pops out of the box, the figures look even better. There is not a lot of room for error on these.  The paint jobs on each could be a disaster because of the design. But I am happy to report there is not a single splotch out of place. They really outdid themselves here. Each figure is in scale and has the iconic Tron piping around their grid suits. I can't decide which is my favorite, so I will just say all of them. Sora looks the coolest in the suit, Donald has the most fun pose, and Goofy has the most expressive face. Pictures do not do them justice, you really need to see them in person.

Kingdom Hearts Gamestop Exclusive Mystery Minis

Each box also contains two Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis. There are four in all: Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a Heartless. I was kind of hoping for Sora and a Heartless, but any combination of the four was ok with me. They pose very well, and the Kairi really pops with the brighter colors.

Each box costs $29.99 and comes with the Tron three pack and two Mystery Minis. There is also a Tron glow in the dark 1/4 variant because life is cruel. To get a shot at that glow chase and completing the Mystery Minis set you will need to buy multiple boxes. I will say that the tron set is well worth the price alone. The Minis are a cool bonus.

If you want to purchase one, stop into your local Gamestop or order one online right here.


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