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Chip Zdarsky, Latest Substack Comics Publisher With Public Domain
It's a look at the industry through a fractured family and will feature a comic book artist nemesis named Brian Stegman." Chip Zdarsky, Latest Substack Publisher With Public Domain & Kaptara Chip Zdarsky will also be bringing back his series with Kagan McLeod, previously published by Image Comics, Kaptara, with a new volume two "Our grand, sci-fi,[...]
The Difficulties Of Criticizing Kaptara
By Jason Karlson It's safe to assume that like a lot of folks I was equally intrigued and excited when Chip Zdarsky, already writing Howard the Duck for Marvel, announced he would be writing another series of his own creation, Kaptara, co-created with artists Kagan McLeod. Billed as "gay Saga" and boasting an outlandish setting and wild[...]
Sammie Reads: Travel By Foot, Car Or Rocket Ship To Get Kaptara
By Sammie Rice It's no secret that Image comics has been producing some of the best comics out there and it seems like every week there is another new title that comes along just to further prove this point. This week I had the immense pleasure of reading Kaptara #1 written by the legend Chip Zdarsky and[...]
A Comic Show – Convergence, Why You Gotta Be Like That?
Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with more New Comics Now! My favorite book of the week is Image's Kaptara #1 by Chip (Sex Criminals) Zdarsky, subtitled "Space, Why You Gotta Be Like That?" It's about a guy that doesn't really know his place in the world who[...]