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A NFT access pass to this can be found by visiting #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Contributors include Tom DeFalco, Jim Cheung, Jae Lee, Siya Oum, Ulises Arreola, Ron Frenz, Pat Olliffe, Richard Starking, Allesandro Micelli, Kewber Baal, Fernando[...]
Furious Road
Collins and Kewber Baal The adventures of Ash Williams continues in a dystopian future as imagined by Collins, the author of Sunglasses After Dark. Twenty years from "now": The Deadites and their Army of Darkness have succeeded in bringing down Western civilization An unexpected upshot of the demons taking over was supernatural species such as vampires, witches, and[...]
He has his own series, Dominatrix, that he has brought back at Arcana with Erik Hendrix writing and Kewber Baal doing the art Baal is also the artist on Dynamite's Kiss series, so obviously Gene really liked his work.  They synopsis for the first issue reads: From the mind of Gene Simmons, rock legend and media icon,[...]
kewber baal
Dynamite has sent us a special creator's commentary as they have put out the final issue of their KISS series with issue #10 by Amy Chu and Kewber Baal The majority of the commentary is by artist Baal who includes some of the commentary in his native Portuguese as well as English Then, at the[...]
Creator's Commentary: Kewber Baal On 'Kiss #9'
Straight from Dynamite: a new Creator's Commentary by artist Kewber Baal, talking about KISS #9. The comic features a cover by Kyle Strahm and was written by Amy Chu. Olá again, everyone! I'm really happy to write another creator's commentary, now we'll talk about KISS #9! I hope all of you are enjoying knowing a bit about the[...]
5 Reasons Why David Liss Loves Writing Pulp Comics Like The Green Hornet
This week sees the release of the Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon trade from David Liss and Kewber Baal with cover by Ken Lashley In the series, Britt Reid, the masked crimefighter known as the Green Hornet, and his inseparable ally Kato return But, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it could be[...]
Creator Commentary – Kewber Baal Talks KISS #8
Dynamite has sent us a creator's commentary from Kewber Baal, interior artist for KISS #8 Cover art by Tom Mandrake. Olá, everyone! Here I am again, now commenting about KISS #8! In this book, I'll be a little more direct, as many general details and comments about my work process, I already explained in last issue's commentary,[...]
Artist Kewber Baal's Commentary On KISS #7
Got a bit of a twist on the usual writer's commentary, this time we have a creator's commentary by artist Kewber Baal talks KISS #7 Kewber has been working for Dynamite for a while now and is an artist to keep an eye on Cover by Tom Mandrake. Drawing KISS has really been a big challenge[...]
Talking A Walk On The Zombie(Side)
I was sent one yesterday by comic artist Kewber Baal It comes from House 137 Studios and it's called Zombie(Side) It's a collection of short stories focusing on zombies but in very different ways than we see in most cases These are people fighting zombies in the time of the witch trails, medieval times and[...]
"What Would Brubaker Do?" – How David Liss Writes The Green Hornet
Both books are on sale today. Cover by Moritat and interiors by Kewber Baal. JESSE HAMM: Your Green Hornet comics have the fun, fast-paced energy and bravado of '30s pulp stories I'm reminded of Robert E Howard's occasional crime stories, or the Mr Moto movies What are some of your influences, from prose and film? DAVID LISS: I don't think I[...]
Writer's Commentary – Amy Chu Talks Kiss #1 With Special Guest Kewber Baal
A Writer's Commentary: Amy Chu talks KISS #1 with additional commentary by Kewber Baal, on sale now from Dynamite Cover by Goni Montes with interiors by Kewbar Baal. Hi there, readers, putting together this behind-the-scenes look in the wee hours so bear with me I had a crazy but wonderful night in New York City signing[...]
Exclusive Interior Art From KISS #2 By Amy Chu And Kewber Baal
The first issue of the new KISS comic by Amy Chu and Kewber Baal his stores this week with a variety of covers including some special bagged editions by John Cassaday A separate series was announced at NYCC, KISS: The Demon by Chu, Erik Burnham and Eman Casallos To keep up the push on the[...]
All 14 KISS #1 Covers Plus A John Cassaday Blind Bag Variant
Dynamite is pulling out all the stops with their new KISS comics series from Amy Chu and Kewber Baal Not only do they have 14 covers for the first issue, they have now announced a special John Cassaday 'Blind Bag' variant This is a new item that comes in a Kiss Army plastic bag and[...]
Amy Chu Says Writing KISS Is Revenge Against Tiger Mom Parenting
The new series is going to be written by Amy Chu and drawn by Kewber Baal I talked with Amy about the new series and working with such an iconic set of characters. DAN WICKLINE: From what I've seen, the world is filled with KISS fans and folks who don't know they're KISS fans Were you[...]
Writer's Commentary – Nancy Collins On Army Of Darkness: Furious Road #6
A Writer's Commentary: Nancy Collins talks the grand finale of her tale: Army of Darkness: Furious Road #6, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover by Gabriel Hardman, interiors by Kewber Baal. It has been a long, weird trip, my friends, but all things come to an end, and it is now time for me to drive off into[...]
Amy Chu And Kewber Baal Return KISS To Comics With Dynamite At San Diego Comic Con
The origins of KISS comic books date almost as far back as the inception as the band itself, having been an integral part of comics culture since their 1977 appearance in Howard the Duck #12 and 1978's Marvel Comics Super Special: Kiss. Now Dynamite has become the newest publisher to create Kiss comics starting this October. The new series will be a futuristic,[...]
Dracula May Be A Monster, But He Is Not Without Honor
Interiors are by Kewber Baal and Schimerys Baal. BYRON BREWER: Nancy, I know you have become Dynamite's master (or one of them) when dealing with our catalogue of monsters But how do you meet the challenge of playing vampires as protagonists when they themselves represent inherent evil? NANCY COLLINS: The important thing to remember about vampires is[...]
Nancy Collins' Writers Commentary For Army Of Darkness: Furious Road #1
Interiors by Kewber Baal and Schimerys Baal. Page 1 Many reviewers have commented on the fact I used quotation marks around the word now in the opening narration box The reason is that I have no idea when in time Dynamite's ARMY OF DARKNESS series actually takes place The film ARMY OF DARKNESS was released in 1992,[...]
Process Art For The Woman Of Bronze – Doc Savage Special
Walker, drawn by Kewber Baal with colors by Kelsey Shannon and letters by Rob Steen The book goes on sale this week. Known as the cousin of world famous adventurer Doc Savage, Pat Savage wants nothing more than to prove she has what is takes to be a hero What starts out as a thankless job[...]
Review: Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1 – It Feels Very Scottish
This is a review of the recently released Jennifer Blood: Born Again #1 by Steven Grant and Kewber Baal and will contain spoilers. On the surface, the character of Jennifer Blood isn't much more than a female Punisher or a gun toting version of the Huntress Her origin is a mix of the two with her[...]
Extended Previews – Li'l Battlestar Galactica and Jennifer Blood
And if that isn't enough, each Li'l book comes with a two-page activity sheet!   Then its over to Jennifer Blood #35 by Al Ewing and Kewber Baal. As the Blood Legacy arc reaches its climax, Jennifer comes face-to-face with her nemesis in a blood-drenched conflict that leads her to[...]