Dracula May Be A Monster, But He Is Not Without Honor

Nancy Collins talks Army of Darkness: Furious Road #3, on sale now from Dynamite. Cover is by Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd. Interiors are by Kewber Baal and Schimerys Baal.

BYRON BREWER: Nancy, I know you have become Dynamite's master (or one of them) when dealing with our catalogue of monsters. But how do you meet the challenge of playing vampires as protagonists when they themselves represent inherent evil?

NANCY COLLINS: The important thing to remember about vampires is that while they are monsters, they also used to be human. The trick is to find that spark of humanity that remains within them and focus on it, while at the same time not ignoring their inhuman aspect. In this case, I play up the fact that while Dracula may be proud, cruel and accustomed to being obeyed, he is also as good as his word. He may be a monster, but he is not without honor. I also hint that Dracula still harbors a father's concern for Eva, despite her behavior and his own better judgment.

BB: What has been the best part thus far of working on this book with artist Kewber Baal?

NC: Seeing my words turned into pictures with little to no loss in translation. It's like Kewber is able to see the images playing in my head when I write my scripts!

BB: Alas, Dr. Talisha, we hardly knew ye …! I really was liking this character. Was Talisha's death important to the story, and if so, why?

NC: Talisha's death was 'necessary' because she was the one that orchestrated the blood drives that kept Dracula and The Brides nourished. Her death—apparently at the hands of a vampire—instantly destabilizes the alliance between the monsters and the humans. And since Dracula and his Brides are the biggest weapon the survivors have in their arsenal, losing them effectively spells doom for everyone else.

BB: 'Fess up: You love using Eva, right?

NC: Well, I'm more loving being able to use the men in her life, Michael and Dracula. I was a huge fan of Marvel's Tomb of Dracula series when I was a teen—writing a 'classic' Dracula is a big dream come true. And I have enjoyed exploring the relationship between Michael (or 'Big Mike', as I think of him) and Eva. So far I've been having the time of my life on this series. I hope it comes through in the writing.

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