All 14 KISS #1 Covers Plus A John Cassaday Blind Bag Variant

Dynamite is pulling out all the stops with their new KISS comics series from Amy Chu and Kewber Baal. Not only do they have 14 covers for the first issue, they have now announced a special John Cassaday 'Blind Bag' variant. This is a new item that comes in a Kiss Army plastic bag and ships with 75% color covers, a 1-in-8 Black & White edition and a 1-in-8 Shadow edition. This new blind bag variant is just now being offered as part of the final order cutoff and has the UPC code of 725130252739-01151 if retailers are interested in ordering.


Now we don't get to see what the Cassaday cover looks like… but we have all the other covers and the bag the Cassaday cover will ship in.

AUG161481  KISS #1 – Cover A – Goni Montes "The Demon"kiss01-cov-a-montesdemon
AUG161482  KISS #1 – Cover B – Goni Montes "The Starchild"kiss01-cov-b-montes-starchild
AUG161483  KISS #1 – Cover C – Goni Montes "The Spaceman"kiss01-cov-c-montes-spaceman
AUG161484  KISS #1 – Cover D – Goni Montes "The Catman"kiss01-cov-d-montes-catman
AUG161485  KISS #1 – Cover E – Francesco Francavillakiss01-cov-e-francavilla
AUG161486  KISS #1 – Cover F – Kewber Baalkiss01-cov-f-baal
AUG161487  KISS #1 – Cover G – Shouri "The Demon" Emojikiss01-cov-g-shouri-emojidemon
AUG161488  KISS #1 – Cover H – Photokiss01-cov-h-photo
AUG161489  KISS #1 – Cover I – Fernando Ruiz Coloring Bookkiss01-cov-i-ruiz-coloringbook
AUG161490  KISS #1 – Cover J – Kewber Baal "Black & White" (10-Copy Retailer Incentive)kiss01-cov-j-incen10-baalbw
AUG161491  KISS #1 – Cover K – Shouri "The Demon – Virgin Artwork" (15-Copy Retailer Incentive)kiss01-cov-k-incen15-shouriemojivirg
AUG161492  KISS #1 – Cover L – Francesco Francavilla "Virgin Artwork" (25-Copy Retailer Incentive)kiss01-cov-l-incen25-francavirg
AUG161493  KISS #1 – Cover M – Goni Montes, SIGNED BY GENE SIMMONS & PAUL STANLEY (50-Copy Retailer Incentive)kiss01-cov-m-incen50-montes-signed
AUG161494  KISS #1 – Cover N – Blank Authentix kiss01-cov-n-authen
AUG168449  KISS #1 – Cover O – John Cassaday "Kiss Army Blind Bag" (featuring Color, Black & White, and Shadow editions)kiss01-cov-o-p-q-kissarmy

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