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Kid Eternity, A Bigger Role In Justice League?
In today's Justice League Dark story by Ram V and Sumit Kumar within Justice League #71, we get a little magical history within the DC Universe, we see Elnara Roshtu charged with the possession of the soul of the great wizard Merlin. And taking it on as a mission to find the soul redeemed and revived[...]
The Return Of Kid Eternity To DC Comics This Week
Kid Eternity is a DC Comics character created by Otto Binder and Sheldon Moldoff, and first published in Hit Comics #25 by Quality Comics in December 1942. The Kid was originally a nameless boy killed 75 years too soon and brought back to life for another 75 years with the mission of upholding good in the[...]
Monday Trending Topics: 72 Years Is An Eternity In Comics
 Of course, Kid Eternity is also a Quality character (and we've seen Quality-related titles The Ray and Blackhawks in the New 52 — and even a Plastic Man reference, I think), DC acquired the line in the mid-1950s and has used numerous of the characters and titles since then  And of course you know that[...]