Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle X RWBY collaboration

The "Knights Chronicle" Crossover Event With "RWBY" Is Now Live

Back during RTX 2019, Netmarble and Rooster Teeth revealed that Knights Chronicle would be doing a crossover event with the cast of RWBY This week, that crossover has officially started as the main four cast members of the show are officially in the game for a limited time We have the details for you here[...]

Netmarble Adds Two New Awakening Heroes to Knight's Chronicle

Netmarble Adds Two New Awoken Heroes to Knight's Chronicle

The latest update to Netmarble's anime-inspired mobile RPG Knights Chronicle has expanded the new Awakening mechanic introduced last patch with two new Awoken heroes Fan-favorite characters Ruby and Esna can now be awoken for increased power.Players will need to use growth materials and a 6-star version of either hero to Awaken them The new status will[...]

Knights Chronicle is Adding New Heroes, Dungeons, and Quests

[caption id="attachment_930289" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Netmarble[/caption]Netmarble Games is updating Knights Chronicle on Thursday with a ton of new content, including new heroes, a new Epic Quest, a new dungeon, and even some gameplay adjustments.This week's update includes three new heroes: the immortal vampire Vlady as well as grade SSR heroes Momo and Arachnia.Vlady is a vampire who[...]

Netmarble Added a New Update to Knights Chronicle

Yesterday, Netmarble introduced a brand new update to their mobile role-playing game, Knights Chronicle, mostly inspired by player feedback The company took the changes requested by players to heart, as well as adding in a few new additions that will extend the gameplay for those who have basically done everything and needed a new challenge[...]

Knights Chronicle Scores 500k Pre-Registered Players

Netmarble is about to release a brand new mobile RPG called Knights Chronicle, and have been taking sign-ups for pre-order of the game This week, the company sent out a press release letting fans know they already have a userbase of 500,000 players signed up before launch The company has been offering a load of items[...]