Netmarble Adds Two New Awoken Heroes to Knight's Chronicle

The latest update to Netmarble's anime-inspired mobile RPG Knights Chronicle has expanded the new Awakening mechanic introduced last patch with two new Awoken heroes. Fan-favorite characters Ruby and Esna can now be awoken for increased power.

Players will need to use growth materials and a 6-star version of either hero to Awaken them. The new status will give Ruby and Esna increased stats, a new Awakened Passive Skill, and a new appearance.

The update also adds new story adventures about the ancient Dryan race along with a new Dryan hero, named Tarkus.

In celebration of the update, all players will receive a free 4-star SSR hero ticket and 200 crystals if they log in for seven days.

Netmarble Adds Two New Awakening Heroes to Knight's Chronicle

Other additions to Knights Chronicle with update 2.1 include:

  • Apocalypse Level for Nina's Advent Dungeon – Starting today, players can fight against the SSR-grade heroine Nina's special Advent Dungeon with Apocalypse difficulty level and use only half the needed stamina for two weeks.
  • Arena Contents Update – The arena's recharge period has been extended from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, which will reduce the players' burden.
  • Boss Battle Update – Starting today, players can acquire more abundant rewards from enjoying Boss Battle contents. 

Knights Chronicle is available now on iOS and Android in 140 countries.

You can check out the two new Awakening Heroes Ruby and Esna below.

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