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Knockout City Reveals Season 3 Details With Latest Trailer
Electronic Arts and Velan Studio dropped a bunch of new details for Season 3 of Knockout City, including a brand new trailer The new season will kick off on October 5th at 10am PT and will be called " H@CKeD" as part of the theme This time around you'll be playing in a decommissioned jail[...]
Knockout City Reveals Heroes Mid-Season 2 Event Plans
Electronic Arts revealed the latest content coming to Knockout City as they are keeping their superhero them going through Season 2 Starting Tuesday, August 31st at 8am ET, the game will transform into the ultimate battleground for heroes and villains with the all-new Superpowers! Playlist Those of you logging in will receive a random superpower[...]
Knockout City Season 2 Brings The Fights To The Movies
Electronic Arts released new info today about the second season of Knockout City as the game heads to the movies for more epic battles The season has been dubbed "Fight At The Movies" and much like the title suggests, you'll be fighting in maps that have everything to do with the cinema or heading out[...]
Knockout City Reveals Summer Content Roadmap
Electronic Arts revealed more content coming to Knockout City as the team showed off what's to come in a new roadmap We now know that Season 2 will kick off on July 27th, and with it will come a brand new map for people to compete on As well as a new Special Ball, three[...]
Knockout City Announces 10-Day Free Trial Block Party
Electronic Arts and Velan Studios will be throwing a special Block Party event in Knockout City at launch, offering a 10-Day Free Trial Each day will have something new to offer, totally free for everyone to try, giving you a good idea of everything you can do and what will be available in the game[...]
Knockout City Releases New Audio Developer Diary And Blog
Velan Studios, an independent video game developer based in Upstate New York, is bringing "Thwack!" back! The classic sound of a dodgeball beaning someone hard is making an appearance in their upcoming "dodgebrawl" game, Knockout City Or is that "making an emergence"? It's a sound and not a visual, after all. Key art for Velan Studios' upcoming[...]