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Knockout City Releases New Audio Developer Diary And Blog

Velan Studios, an independent video game developer based in Upstate New York, is bringing "Thwack!" back! The classic sound of a dodgeball beaning someone hard is making an appearance in their upcoming "dodgebrawl" game, Knockout City. Or is that "making an emergence"? It's a sound and not a visual, after all.

Key art for Velan Studios' upcoming sports-combat "dodgebrawl" game, Knockout City.
Key art for Velan Studios' upcoming sports-combat "dodgebrawl" game, Knockout City.

To this end, Velan Studios has released a blog post and even a whole developer diary surrounding the sound effects department behind this game's foley artistry. You can find the blog post here, and the developer diary below via YouTube.

Most players of video games across the globe can relate to the first time they had ever heard an absolutely awe-inspiring soundtrack from a game, or an iconic video game sound effect. One of those sounds that springs immediately to mind is the acquisition of a coin in the Super Mario series. Another might be the overworld theme for The Legend of Zelda, or even the intro to the first Pokémon video games.

But even more relatable may well be the first time people hear ages-old sounds that leave a lasting impact, if you'll pardon the expression. One of those is the all-encompassing "Thwack!" sound of a dodgeball or other sports ball hitting pavement (or worse, another person). Many people have that memory from gym class or the playground. Some of us have been victimized by a rogue dodgeball or witnessed this firsthand. That's surely part of why this sound is so important to make a note about on Velan Studios' part.

A screenshot from Knockout City, a game by Velan Studios.
A screenshot from Knockout City, a game by Velan Studios.

According to the press release by Velan:

In the blog, the team reveals their collaboration with music duo Sonny and Matt of The Soundlings — known for their sonic visions and music composition for DC's Shazam!, HBO's Lovecraft Country, Netflix's Narcos Mexico and more – to create Knockout City's Original Soundtrack comprised of 19 different tracks. During their brawl, players can listen to music on Knockout City's radio station, "KO City Pirate Radio," featuring songs from different bands and personas, all created by The Soundlings, who researched over 30 genres in order to create this custom music for the epic upcoming battle game.

You can find the soundtrack for Knockout City on Spotify or Apple Music. Are you excited for this game? Let us know in the comments below!

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