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Knockout City Reveals Summer Content Roadmap

Electronic Arts revealed more content coming to Knockout City as the team showed off what's to come in a new roadmap. We now know that Season 2 will kick off on July 27th, and with it will come a brand new map for people to compete on. As well as a new Special Ball, three Special Events lined up for the Summer, new Season Contracts, five new Playlists, and the introduction of a new Daily Login Bonus system which will reward players randomly for every day they play the game. We have snippets of the blog below, along with the map that shows two more seasons will be coming in 2021.

Its summer! Don't judge fashion! Courtesy of Electronic Arts.
Its summer! Don't judge fashion! Courtesy of Electronic Arts.

Knockout City Season 1, Week #6

Before we dive into what's on the books for week 6, let's pause here for a moment for a more serious conversation. I didn't think we'd be here, nearly six weeks in, still talking about how you need to do the tutorials, but here we are. Got a buddy who just started playing? Walk them over to the Tutorial Bot before their first match. Some of y'all out here still don't know how to curve throw. SMH.

And if this is you, we won't tell your friends you skipped it. Just go back, learn up on everything you need to know, and collect the extra Holobux. When you're done, you can buy yourself something nice in the Brawl Shop. A little birdie told me there are some slick-looking Legendaries in the shop for Heatwave, if you want to snag something extra shiny.

Moving on! As of the publishing time of this blog, Heatwave is 44% complete. Gentle reminder: if you've been saving up your Heatwave Tickets, you're going to want to cash them in before the event ends and the items (and your tickets) are gone forever!

Roadmap Sneak Peek

Since Knockout City launched, we've paid close attention to the feedback we've received from the community and used your insight to help make changes to improve the game. A little over a week ago, we announced we would bring back Team KO by popular demand, and we've shared updates whenever possible regarding our updates to improve bugs that caused players to receive quit penalties. Now, we thought you might like to know a little more about what's coming for the future.

Get ready, because Season 2 will be here before you know it, with a whole new theme. It also brings a new map, a new Special Ball, three Special Events, new Season Contracts, five new Playlists, and the introduction of a new Daily Login Bonus—a random reward you'll receive every day you play. Some examples could be Style Chips, Holobux, or Energy Drinks. Who's gonna say no to an extra Boba Cola for that sweet boost? There's plenty more details on new content that will be announced in the coming days, weeks, and months (oh yeah, we're here for the long haul, baby), so keep on brawlin'!

Knockout City Reveals Summer Content Roadmap
Credit: Electronic Arts

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