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Daniel Dae Kim Fundraises James Hong’s Hollywood Star on Walk of Fame
"As of July 2020, he has a total of 672 credits, which include 469 TV shows, 149 feature films, 32 short films, and 22 video games… This man epitomizes the term 'working actor,' and that's not even taking into account all he's done to help further representation for actors of color." The actor set the[...]
Artist Who Claimed Kung Fu Panda Was Stolen From Him Could Spend 25 Years In Jail
In what could end up being an interesting plot for a TV movie, the artist that claimed Dreamworks Animation stole his idea for Kung Fu Panda could end spending 25-years in prison and paying over $500,000 plus restitution to the animation studio. How did this happen? In 2011, Jayme Gordon made allegations that DWA lifted the idea[...]
Dreamworks Comic Book App To Launch
Bleeding Cool understands that Ape Entertainment is about to launch a DreamWorks Animation Comics App for iPad and iPhone on Apple's App Store. The free app includes 40 pages of free comics including previews, prequels, short stories and more from Ape Entertainment's Dreamworks comics such as Kung Fu Panda, Megamind, The Penguins of Madagascar, Puss In[...]