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'Titans' Season 2: Conor Leslie Shows Off Some Sweet (Golden?) Lasso Skills [VIDEO]
Case in point? Conor Leslie, who wasn't going to let Brenton Thwaites grab all the pre-season headlines with talk of a new Nightwing suit. Conor Leslie If you're playing Donna Troy/Wonder Girl and you're looking to get viewers psyched about your bumped-up second-season role, there's no better way to prove your "Wonder Woman approved" than by demonstrating[...]
Wonder Woman Rebirth Sees Her Lasso Used In This Way For The Very First Time?
And her golden lasso can force those who it ensnares and captures to tell the truth as well The connection between this and Wonder Woman's creator William Moulton Marston, in the invention of the lie detector, has been made many a time. The lasso has been used on Wonder Woman before, but as a restraining device. As[...]
The Origin Of Wonder Woman's Lasso Retconned In Today's Justice League
The golden lasso of Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, the inventor of the polygraph test Originally intended to compel the captured, it became a tool for extracting confessions, those captured by its unbreakable loops. But in today's Justice League #47, it gets a new origin Not as a weapon of war but something[...]
Wonder Woman's Lasso – As Bad As Waterboarding? (SPOILERS)
Today's Superman/Woman Woman #20 puts Lois Lane in the hot seat for lasso-based interrogation. Which considering that Superman and Wonder Woman are a thing does strike one as a little conflict of interest… and he's not happy about it. That is a look of disdain folks…  "Lasso method" we are calling it now… I'm not sure it's exactly[...]