Wonder Woman Rebirth Sees Her Lasso Used In This Way For The Very First Time?

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 is all about truths. And competing truths. With so many competing narratives regarding the character's origins and nature, writer Greg Rucka takes the opposite tack to Grant Morrison, who likes to combine all realities as the truth from a different perspective and time, Greg Rucka sees the competing, conflicting versions and puts them at war with each other. Including his own version.

Image (50)Wonder Woman tells the truth. One of her traits, she can't lie. And her golden lasso can force those who it ensnares and captures to tell the truth as well. The connection between this and Wonder Woman's creator William Moulton Marston, in the invention of the lie detector, has been made many a time.

The lasso has been used on Wonder Woman before, but as a restraining device.


As a form of self-submission…

218p1 Or to spin herself out of a very tight trap. 232p1In recent Justice League, however, we got a retconning of the origin of the golden lasso, as a therapeutic device, and something closer to William Moulton Marston's vision.Justice-League-2011-047-018-e1451475774787-600x315

And today. Wonder Woman sees herself for who she is. Image (49)

And someone who has been deceived! By whom? In what way? That is what the two competing narratives in the twice-monthly Wonder Woman will explore, both in the past and present…

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 by Greg Rucka, Paulo Siqueira and Liam Sharp is published today.

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