Wonder Woman's Lasso – As Bad As Waterboarding? (SPOILERS)

Today's Superman/Woman Woman #20 puts Lois Lane in the hot seat for lasso-based interrogation. SMWW-21-4-b2d6dWhich considering that Superman and Wonder Woman are a thing does strike one as a little conflict of interest… and he's not happy about it.


That is a look of disdain folks…

IMG_0018 "Lasso method" we are calling it now… I'm not sure it's exactly the same as waterboarding – in that people gave their permission and, you know it works, but that does seem to be how it is being treated. Or course the right questions should have been asked "do you want to be in a relationship with Superman, Lois?", "do you love Clark, Lois?", "what did you do with the body of Jonathan Carroll, Lois?"

But to be fair, Superman isn't happy with either of  them.


While over in Doomed, it seems that Wonder Girl – not the Donna Troy version by the Cassandra version is using her lasso for… other purposes.


With… other effects. Aside from making the subject naked. Because, no, they didn't use this one on Lois Lane.
IMG_0037While in the Wonder Woman comic book itself, after narrowly avoiding the type of London bus that doesn't operate on its streets anymore, she seeks shelter.


Not only do we have a Wonder Woman who has been knocking around London for a while now not know Hyde Park (like someone living in Manhattan for six months who has just discovered Central Park exists) but she seems to have met some Neverwhere rejects from the nineteeth century… IMG_0021 Who still refers to policemen as bobbies? Has someone been watching a little too much Ripper Street? Still she does a mean line in alternative dress codes…


Maybe Wonder Girl might need to use her lasso on her after all… but it's not the costume that makes the characer. As Harley Quinn also finds out today…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a Satanic Mojo signing this Saturday…



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