The Origin Of Wonder Woman's Lasso Retconned In Today's Justice League

The golden lasso of Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, the inventor of the polygraph test. Originally intended to compel the captured, it became a tool for extracting confessions, those captured by its unbreakable loops.

But in today's Justice League #47, it gets a new origin. Not as a weapon of war but something else entirely.

Justice League (2011-) 047-018

A tool of therapy. One that might stop one lying to oneself and face uncomfortable truths that you are otherwise unable to admit to.

And when facing a manic out of control powered up Superman, to get to the central truth of the character. That Clark Kent isn't his secret identity….

Justice League (2011-) 047-018

…its just his identity. Oh and for those following the relationship of Superman, some rather unfortunate lasso-delivered news…Justice League (2011-) 047-010More on that later…


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