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Last Call, The Weekly DC Comic That Wasn't: The 5G Files Chapter Three
Welcome to The 5G Files, Chapter Three and The Last Call. DC Comics has been known to run weekly comic book series to support and promote polishing plans Such as 52, the weekly series that ran for a year and filled in the gap for their One Year Later publishing plan in 2006, written by Geoff[...]
Last Call: Director Paolo Pilladi Talks Cast, Film’s Timeless Message
On the surface, Last Call is a simple story of a man who returns to his old neighborhood trying to make good Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, trying to give back can rub those who know you best the wrong way The film stars Jeremy Piven as Mick, who's a real estate developer trying[...]
Last Call: Director Paolo Pilladi Talks Cast, Film’s Timeless Message
IFC's Last Call is a film near and dear to director Paolo Pilladi's heart Partnering with co-writer and executive producer Greg Lingo, the tale follows a real estate developer Mick (Jeremy Piven), who returns to his old Philadelphia neighborhood and helps decide its future, not realizing the long-term implications it has to those he grew[...]
Last Call: Jamie Kennedy on Importance of Telling Stories with Soul
You can say in some ways, Jamie Kennedy is having his cake and eating it, too, showing off his organic comedic talent while also addressing issues near and dear to his heart like gentrification in the IFC film Last Call With a career spanning five decades, the actor knew he found a gem reading for[...]
Last Call: Taryn Manning Talks Jeremy Piven, Compares Film and TV
Taryn Manning loved the grounded nature of Paolo Pilladi's Last Call, the tale of a real estate developer who returns to his old Philadelphia neighborhood to try to get a casino built by circulating a petition for signatures for the project, not realizing the long term implications it might mean to those he grew up[...]
Trailer Debuts For Last Call Starring Jeremy Piven, Out March 19th
Last Call is a new dramedy starring Jeremy Piven, Bruce Dern, Taryn Manning, Jamie Kennedy, Cathy Moriarty, and Cheri Oteri about a guy going back to his old neighborhood in Philly and having to decide between selling a bunch of the land to build a casino or replanting his roots after reconnecting with family and[...]
Konrath (Last Call) "This year has been Shudder's biggest and best yet, and we wanted to thank our million-plus members with one last surprise Greg Nicotero gift-wrapped the perfect present, an irreverent Christmas-themed Creepshow packed with humor, heart, and gore galore," said Craig Engler, Shudder's General Manager. Shudder's A Creepshow Holiday Special is produced by the[...]