Legend of Tarzan

Margot Robbie Explains Australian Slang

Margot Robbie is all over the TV lately as Harley Quinn as we see ads for the upcoming Suicide Squad. She also plays Jane Porter in Legend of Tarzan. But some folks don't really know much about the Australian actress. She started off doing indie films down under and the popular soap opera Neighbours. In […]

Legend Of Tarzan – The Most Accurate Tarzan Film Made

Legend of Tarzan hit theaters this weekend and is a film that was helped made possible by Dark Horse's Mike Richardson. You may be curious how all of that came about… I know I was… so when I had a chance to interview Mr. Richardson last month I asked him that very question. This is […]

Legend of Tarzan Review: A Respectable Sequel To Greystoke

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] So, let's get the Elephant in the room out of the way to begin with – in the 21st century, nearly any film about Tarzan (and European colonialism in general) is going to be a bit rife with racial storylines that is going be awkward to explain. The Legend of Tarzan does it's […]