Legenderry: Red Sonja

Legenderry Red Sonja #2 cover by Joe Benitez and Beth Sotelo

Legenderry Red Sonja #2 Review: Red Sonja is a Steam-Punk Pirate

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Red Sonja helps Tesla to save D'Nar, the son of Gath, from his cruel wizard father. The rescue is a success, and that leads these three and Sonja's crew to another location that contains a great power. Elsewhere, Tesla's father makes plans of his own. Plus, Gath is not deterred by the freedom […]

Mark Andreyko On Reinterpreting How Red Sonja Would Act In A Steampunk World

Victor Gischler, co-writer of The Shadow #100, talks with writer Marc Andreyko about Legenderry: Red Sonja #5, both on sale now Cover art by Sergio Davila, interior art by Aneke.VICTOR GISCHLER: Red Sonja is a great iconic character.  What did you know of her before coming into the project?  Are you a Howard fan?MARC ANDREYKO: I[...]

Marc Andreyko Talks About Wrapping Up Legenderry: Red Sonja

As the spinoffs from Bill Willingham's Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure come to a close, Byron Brewer got to catch up with Marc Andreyko and talk about the fifth and final issue of Dynamite's Legenderry: Red Sonja Cover art by Sergio Davil.BYRON BREWER: In June, this great steampunk look at the She-Devil with a Sword comes[...]

Marc Andreyko Talks Writing Red Sonja For A Steampunk World

Frank Barbiere, writer of Solar: Man of the Atom #10, talks with writer Marc Andreyko about Legenderry: Red Sonja #2, both on sale now! Cover by Sergio Fernandez Davila.FRANK BARBIERE: What’s the most exciting part of being able to use Red Sonja in a different setting?MARC ANDREYKO: It has been fun to take her personality[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro #1 And More

Lady Demon #3, Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro #1 and Legenderry: Red Sonja #2.Lady Demon #3 Aaron Gillespie (w) Mirka Andolfo (a) Joyce Chin, Cedric Poulat (bombshell) (c)As she delves deeper into the conspiracy that left her loved ones dead, Violet has her work cut out for her figuring the good guys out from the bad[...]

Exclusive First Look At Legenderry Spinoff Series Shipping In May From Dynamite

Here we have the covers a solicitations for the penultimate issues of Legenderry: Green Hornet by Daryl Gregor and Brent Peeples, Legenderry: Red Sonja by Marc Andreyko and Aneke and Legenderry: Vampirella by David Avallone and David CabreraLEGENDERRY: GREEN HORNET #4 (OF 5) Cover A Main: Sergio Davila Writer: Daryl Gregory Art: Brent PeeplesGreen Hornet and Kato[...]

Exclusive First Look Inside Legenderry: Red Sonja

We have an exclusive first look at the upcoming Legenderry: Red Sonja series The five-part miniseries is being written by Marc Andreyko and drawn by Aneke This is one of three series spinning out of the Dynamite hit series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure by Bill Willingham.For more information on Legenderry: Red Sonja, click here.[...]