GTA V Mod Immortalises Mötorhead's Lemmy

Rock legend, Mötorhead's Lemmy sadly passed recently, as I'm sure is not lost on many of you The rock world and fans have mourned the loss since, highlighting how important he was to the community.A group of fans are in fact immortalising the man in the way they know how, by creating a GTA V[...]

Amelia Cole and the Barnstorming Second Season: An Interview with Team Amelia

I also loved Amelia's unconscious flashback, as it's always great to see Dani, and the "secret origin" of Lemmy was sweet and heartbreaking to me It all came to life really well with Nick's art and colors, Ruiz's flats, and Rachel's letters Just looked wonderful.APK: I admit at first I was against flashbacks, I rarely[...]

Review: Amelia Cole and the Unknown World TPB

There's a healthy dose of pragmatism behind everything too, with Amelia using a wrench for a while when her wand gets broken and creating a rubble golem that she, of course, calls Lemmy The world may have changed, the rules may be different but she's still her, still sensible, still more than a little heroic.The[...]

Amelia Cole And The Final Order Cut Off Date

It's the start of a whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows is right, even when the consequences might be wrong.Amelia Cole and the Unknown World is crammed full of some of the most unusual world building I've seen in years, to say nothing[...]

Five Things About Amelia Cole And The Hidden War

And, as any Batman or Torchwood fan knows, the first thing any good hero does is stand over their city looking moody whilst their cape or trenchcoat flaps in the wind.2.CorgizillaWhat's scarier than a small, grumpy dog? An immense grumpy dog rampaging across the city and causing untold damage whilst searching for the largest yellow[...]

Lobo Movie Back On The Blocks – Brad Peyton Tapped To Direct

Joel Silver's last choice for a director to bring DC Comics' Lemmy-tinged bounty hunter Lobo to the big screen was Guy Ritchie, but Sherlock Holmes, pub running and hair washing seemed to get in the way, and before long, he stepped down The new name to have now become attached is somewhat less luminous.Indeed, Brad[...]