The First Gay Kiss On Saudi Arabian TV

In last night's Olympic Opening Ceremony, during the Frankie And June Say Thanks Tim section celebrating a century of music and technology, when Frankie and June finally meet up and kiss, we got a barrage of clips of kisses from film and TV, from Charlie Chaplin to Lady And The Tramp to Shrek to Planet […]

And Finally… Okay, So This Must Be The First Mainstream Gay Kiss In Comics…

Right then. Can anyone beat this? From Zatara The Magician by Gardner Fox and Fred Guardineer, in Action Comics #12 from 1939, courtesy of Comic Book Tit Bits… Zatara, as some may mention, was essentially of the ilk of Mandrake the Magician.  Wearing a top hat and tuxedo he would perform various astounding feats, aided […]

Batwoman Wins Second GLAAD Award

Batwoman won another GLAAD award for DC Comics this year, under the title Outstanding Comic Book in New York. Other nominated comic books were Avengers: The Children's Crusade, Secret Six, Veronica Presents: Kevin Keller and X-Factor. This is a second win for writer/artist JH Williams III, who won two years ago with Greg Rucka for […]

When Letters Pages Go Anti-Gay

The letters page above has been doing the rounds online, with Christos Gage answering reader concerns over the presence of gay characters in Avengers Academy. It's a long and considered letter, as is the response. But the Bendis Board found another, less considered back and forth from Gen 13 #5 back in the mid nineties. […]

Spandex Comic Looks To The Lesbians

Spandex is the all gay superhero comic  by Martin Eden that hit the headlines a couple of years ago. Now onto issue four (it's the small press), the book is to take a new direction – women! I know, how disgusting! But it's also possible that some people who may have been put off buying […]

DC Comics Reprint Detective Comics #854 But Sadly Not Like This

It seems that red haired lesbian Batwomen drawn by JH Williams III in tight leather are rather popular. Who'd have thought? Detective Comics #854, starting the rather-fantastic-and-frankly-undismissable-over-such-trivial-aspects Batwoman series by Rucka and Williams has sold out but is still in demand. So DC Comics have cranked up the printing machine in the basement and are […]

Batwoman: DIY Publicity

One vaguely mainstream press notification of the publication of Detective Comics #854 and its notable relevance is in today's Dallas Voice, a gay community newsletter, written by Arnold Wayne Jones, as part of a puff piece for a signing by Greg Rucka of the comic at Zeus Comics. And it uses "Zowie!" in the headline. […]

The Batwoman That Dare Not Speak Its Name

How hard can it be go sell "Lesbian Batman" to the mass media? A few years ago, I broke the story that the new Batwoman in the DC Comics line of Batman comics was going to be the sixties Batwoman character Kathy Kane. And that in this new incarnation, she was going to be  a […]