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Talking LGBTQ Comics And SDCC With Brian Andersen(UPDATE)
What drives you with making LGBTQ comics? BA: Yes, totally agree! I started creating queer comics out of a desire to see myself in my favorite medium As I stated above I spent the bulk of my life reading and being entertained by stories about straight people I wanted to tell a story about some homosexuals[...]
Toe Tag Riot Rocks A Hardcore Message
By Julz Hendricks A punk rock zombie story focusing on human rights, Toe Tag Riot has rocked it's way into my life. Starting off as a Kickstarter, Toe Tag
Tales From The Four-Color Closet: Thoughtbubble On LGBTQ
An informal comic book group style event, readers new and old looking for titles with LGBTQ themes and content and wanting to share their love of the medium and characters can enjoy cake and coffee and each others' company. I'm loving that this event is not just a straightforward panel, but more of a social event[...]
Josh Trujillo Spreads The Love With Love Machines, Out On ComiXology Today
A print edition of Love Machines containing "Workers" and a back-up story, "Appliances in Love" with Michael Schisler (Deadeye Dick), debuted earlier this year at WonderCon 2014. "WonderCon was incredible for me since I had never debuted my own comic before," Trujillo says, "It really felt like everything had come full-circle, since my first job was[...]
There Were Many Directions For New Directions In LGBTQ Comics At Wondercon
At the "New Directions in LGBTQ Comics" panel at Wondercon bright and relatively early on Sunday morning, the room was entirely full and audience very attentive. Panelists included Tommy Kovac (Wonderland through Disney, Skelebunnies, Stitched from Slave Labor Graphics), Ed Luce (OA Fan Anthology, Cat Dandy) Roger Klorese, Shayna Why (Overshare Party) and Josh Trujillo (The[...]