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Skyforge's The Risen Exiles Update Will Have Some PS4 Players Happy, But Not All Of Them
But one of the larger, but less pressing, complaints of the #lieforge community of unhappy players was the missing classes on the PS4 port Witch, Necromancer, and Monk were missing from the PS4 version of the game.   Well, looks like Allods Team has been listening to the complaints, though so far they've only really addressed that whole "where's[...]
Unhappy Skyforge Players Coined The Hashtag #Lieforge And It Is Great
This poor reception is definitely not what Allods Team were going for, I am certain, but some of these problems could have been fixed with a simple QA run. In fact, so many players are unhappy about pretty much every aspect of Skyforge that they've turned around and started calling it Lieforge, with a very useful hashtag[...]