Life Is Feudal

The Newest Trailer For Life Is Feudal: MMO Is Here
With just a few days until launch of the Open Beta, developer Bitbox revealed a brand new trailer for Life is Feudal: MMO In this new trailer, viewers will be treated to a variety of landscapes from the game, along with a look at the vast gameplay scope where players start learning how to build primitive[...]
Life Is Feudal's Closed Beta Results Are In, Now In Video Form
Ever feel like when you play some games that your contributions don't really have an impact? It's just hunt, grind, kill, rinse, and repeat? Well, hearty adventurers, prepare for something new and awesome, as in Life is Feudal: MMO, every move you and your fellow players make is an important part in making the game experience[...]
'Life Is Feudal: MMO' Wants You To Know How To Form A Guild
Everything's better with friends, especially when you can team up, form guilds and stake your claim on a huge hunk of the Medieval landscape – which is exactly what you can do in Life is Feudal: MMO Unless you're a miserable solo player who joins MMOs for the wrong reasons, one of the first things you're[...]
Life Is Feudal: MMO's Latest Trailer Wants You To Worry About Your Legacy
Developer Bitbox released a new trailer for their medieval life simulator, Life is Feudal: MMO The trailer showcases the tumultuous life characters experience as they flee from evil to start a new civilization and build a lasting legacy in brutal medieval world The land has been ravaged by bandits and savages, but by working with those[...]
Life Is Feudal MMO Is Getting A Fourth Closed Beta
Bitbox, developer and publisher of the popular Life is Feudal series of games, launched today a new round of invite-only Beta testing for Life is Feudal: MMO, their massively multiplayer take on their top-selling medieval survival game Life is Feudal: Your Own. Life is Feudal: MMO focuses on simulating life in the Middle Ages, with players working together to build functioning[...]
Life Is Feudal Forest Village Has Launched With A Glorious New Trailer
Life is Feudal: Forest Village is for those of us who love the brutality of living in the middle ages, but also want to pass the time with a city building sim instead of all that messy gore The game launched this weekend and developer Mindillusion and publisher Bitbox have decided to celebrate the occasion with[...]
Life Is Feudal Has A Ton Of News For You Including A New Medieval City Builder
Bitbox and Life is Feudal have quite a bit of news for you today The first is that Life is Feudal: MMO is entering its third closed beta period. The third closed beta is currently live and will last for approximately two weeks Life is Feudal: MMO places players in a realistic, non-fantasy, medieval world where danger lurks[...]
Life Is Feudal: MMO Is Very Clearly A Labor Of Love
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Bitbox's medieval sandbox MMO Life Is Feudal has been in closed betas for a while now, but I finally feel like I've seen enough of the game to properly review it For the most part, it's a solid sandbox MMO set in a pretty standard medieval period Which is kind of like your baseline fantasy[...]
Life Is Feudal: MMO's Third Closed Beta Is Live!
Developer and publisher Bitbox announced today the launch of a new round of Closed Beta testing for Life is Feudal: MMO,  their medieval-era massively multiplayer game that focuses on simulating (and surviving) life in the Middle Ages The Closed Beta starts today and will last for approximately two weeks Life is Feudal: MMO places players[...]
Bitbox Reveals Next Closed Beta Dates For Life Is Feudal: MMO
Developer and publisher Bitbox announced today that the next closed beta test period from their upcoming medieval society simulation, Life is Feudal: MMO, will begin on April 26 and will last for approximately ten days The closed beta will allow players to experience Bitbox's group-focused feudal life simulation as they explore the expansive game world,[...]
Life Is Feudal MMO Shows Off The First Five Hours Of Gameplay In A New Trailer
Developer Bitbox released a new trailer for their medieval life simulation game, Life is Feudal: MMO, which guides viewers through a new player's first five hours in the game While Life is Feudal is currently in beta, we haven't seen too much of the gameplay yet, so this trailer is a nice addition. "Starting as a simple[...]