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Malcolm Has A Dream He's In Prison | Season 1 Ep. 20 | PRODIGAL SON
Bracing myself after all of the pre-season finale hype for FOX's Prodigal Son, "Like Father…" did not disappoint and lived up to the promises Granted, now we know the episode could end its title with "Like Daughter" but that would just give it away Malcolm (Tom Payne) gets a chance to redeem his eight-year-old self[...]
UK Trailer For Hirokazu Koreeda's Beautiful Like Father, Like Son
I can highly recommend Hirokazu Koreeda's Like Father, Like Son It's a tender, thought-provoking and humanist masterwork from a director who really understands the smaller, more delicate moments in life which can carry so much emotional weight. The film will have its UK premiere at the London Film Festival in ten days, ahead of its release in[...]