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Iconoclasts Will Get a Limited Physical Release in January 2019
Some cool news from Limited Run Games as the company will produce a short physical run of Iconoclasts in mid-January 2019 Created by Joakim "Konjak" Sandberg and published by Bifrost Entertainment, the indie platformer did well for itself in 2018 Now, nearly one year to the date of its original release, LRG will do a short[...]
Thimbleweed Park WIll See a Physical Release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch
Just in case you've become a mega fan of Thimbleweed Park and would love to own the game physically, Limited Run Games is here to give you what you want — they'll be releasing copies of the game on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch These physical editions will be released on the one-year anniversary of the game[...]
Limited Run Games To Do A Physical Release Of 'Golf Story'
Limited Run Games have had some cool success with Golf Story, and it appears that they may be doing a physical release of the game for Nintendo Switch owners Dual Shockers is reporting that in an interview with The Switch Effect, Co-founder Douglas Bogart hinted that a physical copy may be on the way[...]
'Night Trap' Returns To Console In Time For 25th Anniversary
We'll let the Game Grumps show you more if you're interested in the original. Well, now you can relive that horror all over again on a modern console as Screaming Villains and Limited Run Games will be releasing the FMV title on PlayStation 4 (5,000 physically copies) on August 11th, and for PS4 and Steam (digitally)[...]
Battle Princess Madelyn Has Added A Bespoke Arcade Cabinet To Its Rewards Tier
The only remaining goal as of press time was for the animated intro and ending to the game, set for $200,000 CAD. "Battle Princess Madelyn's Kickstarter has been absolutely overwhelming, and the demand for our physical PS4 tier (with a Kickstarter exclusive cover), that we're able to offer thanks to our friends at Limited Run Games, has[...]