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Dispatch - Adult Swim has a 24/7 Live stream and things get weird

Adult Swim Live Stream a Wonderfully Weird World. And There's Fish.

So, if you're like me, you likely didn't learn until recently that Adult Swim (yes, the cable channel that brought you midnight anime and edgy cartoons before everyone was doing it) has a free-to-watch 24/7 live stream Yes, they were bringing us quarantine content long before the quarantine And yes, it is very quirky They[...]

[Oscars 2018] Bleeding Cool's Guide to Our Awards Coverage

(-ish) ET: ABC will livestream the ceremony on their website, and also via the network's app - except there's a catch if you're looking to watch online or via the app because it depends on where you live so please note: If you're a cable TV subscriber in Chicago; Fresno, Calif.; Houston; Los Angeles; New York;[...]

Overwatch: Blizzard's "Puppy Rumble" Is for All the Kibble!

Dog make pretty much everything better. I think that's pretty much a constant, like water being wet and fire being hot. Now, make those dogs puppies and have them do adorable things and you have the formula for about 9,867,423,121 YouTube videos: enough to launch a thousand websites. But if there's one thing that mankind […]

The X-Files: Gillian Anderson Unveils Her Six Favorite Episodes

With Fox's The X-Files set to premiere it's eleventh season next week, the show's own Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson (American Gods), made sure that a bit more of "The Truth" got out to fans last week. Working in conjunction with the show's official Twitter account, Anderson curated a playlist of her six favorite X-Files episodes […]

The Full List Of Oscar Nominations

Now that the live stream is done, I've moved the player to the bottom of this post where it should be offering a the aftershow and a replay For those of you who'd rather just read a list of the nominees, we've got that coming along too Keep refreshing to see it build up. Best Picture Black[...]