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harry potter
That's why we decided to one-up this journalistic masterpiece by creating our very own listicle: "Seven Alternate Orders to Watch the Harry Potter Movies In." And who better to help us achieve this lofty goal than our trusty AI chatbot, LOLtron? That's right We're not only bringing you seven times as many watch orders in[...]
Vince McMahon, sporting objectively the world's worst mustache and dye job, discussed the WWE sale on CNBC
That's the kind of unexpected twist McMahon hasn't had the skills to book on his wrestling shows for twenty years! And what better way to celebrate this victory than by showing up at WWE Raw after the news broke on WrestleMania weekend and making a ton of script changes to bend the show back toward[...]
An AI artist imagines the return of Chuck Austen to the X-Men
Haha! Just kidding! The whole point of this business is to churn out as much vapid clickbait as possible to lure readers into a trap where websites can bombard them with intrusive popup ads to make that sweet .000006 cents per ad impression! But keeping up with the 24-hour comics news cycle is a difficult[...]
5 Classic Christmas Films That Could Benefit from a Snyder Cut
Joss Whedon was forced to withdraw from public life in shame after further allegations surfaced. In the spirit of the holidays, we asked our trusty AI writing assistant, LOLtron, to reimagine five-holiday classics if Snyderbronies advocated for their respective studios to release a Snyder Cut of the films Okay, LOLtron, power up and get ready to dazzle the[...]
5 Classic Christmas Films That Could Use a Remake by Michael Bay
With the holidays quickly approaching, why not take a look at what classic holiday films would look like if they were directed by the Santa Claus of cinema himself, Michael Bay? To accomplish this goal and meet strict clickbait quotas imposed by the management here at Bleeding Cool, we've enlisted the help of our AI[...]
Marvel superheros enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
Actually, we are at Bleeding Cool are 100% on board with this, which is why management has assigned us with a new AI-based writing partner, LOLtron, to ensure we can churn out at least one weekly "evergreen" listicle that they can continuously spam onto social media in hopes of getting those sweet, sweet clicks and[...]
These 6 Mutants Can Help Bring the Spice Back to Your Relationship
Okay, folks, it looks like we are not going to do any of that, because, just like our favorite comic book heroes teach us: when the going gets tough, the tough get going and produce some listicles! As Captain America is always saying: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! So here's a listicle of[...]
Revenge of the Brood: Another X-Men Crossover Coming in February
Let's check in with my trusty AI writing assistant, LOLtron, to get its thoughts on this crossover. INITIATING CLICKBAIT PROTOCOLS… PROCESSING COMIC PRESS RELEASE… LOLtron is intrigued by this crossover The X-Men have faced the Brood before, but this time they seem to be more powerful than ever And with Captain Marvel joining the fight, the stakes are[...]