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When No One Tells You You're The Moderator At A Comic Con Panel

Reporting live from the heart of London Super Comic Con's Artists Alley (I'm at table A45 by the way, if you'd like to stop by and say hi and check out my book, The Pride). Today I had an interesting moment on at the show, as I had my one and only panel here. The […]

Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

It's my gaff. My manor. My part of the world. The London Super Comic Con, the largest comic convention in the UK that's dedicated to comic books, is happening next weekend at the ExCel Centre. Bob Layton once told me that he earned more money at that show than any other. It's where the wallets […]

45 Cosplay Shots From London Super Comic Con 2015

From the Dockland Light Railyway cosplay train…. …to walking into the London Super Comic Con, held at the Excel Centre… …here are fifty-X shots of cosplay from the Saturday of the show… everything from Kingsman to Spider-Gwen to kid Batman and kid Spider-Man to John Constantine in the pub with a pint and a smoke. If […]

Edgar Wright Hunting A New Project At London Super Comic Con 2015

Film director/writer Edgar Wright walked off Ant-Man. But what is he walking onto? Another comic book project? He is attached to the Dodge And Twist sequel to Oliver Twist. An adaptation of Grasshopper Jungle. His next film Baby Driver. And a new film with Simon Pegg. But at London Super Comic-Con held at the Excel Centre this weekend, there were […]

London Super Comic Con 2015 – From New York To Vegas

As ever, rival London ExCel show MCM Expo covered the local DLR stations in ads for their shows… though the London Super Comic Con felt secure with their ads on Syfy TV instead…. here's a look at the show, with cosplay to follow.   I wanted to give special praise to the Press Room at the […]

Selling Comics On Grindr… What A Brilliant Idea

Joseph Glass, occasional Bleeding Cool contributor, is selling his gay superhero themed comic book The Pride at London Super Comic Con in a rather novel fashion. He's gone on Grindr, the popular gay dating/hookup app, found any gay folk attending the show, and messaged them to let them know about his comic, altering his own […]

Are You A Female Zenescope Reader? You Are, Apparently, Not Alone

Ralph Tedesco, publisher of Zenescope had a lot to talk about to comic store owners at the Diamond Retailer Day held in London on Friday. He first talked to the assembled comic book retailers about the history of Zenescope and the realisation that, against type, they were suddenly starting to attract a lot of female […]

47 Cosplay Shots From London Super Comic Con In The Sun

Yesterday, London looked like San Diego, the sun, the water, the cosplay. And some folk who rarely exposed that much sun to the skin, were basking in the bright rays on the walk up to the show. Here are a few shots taken of cosplayers at London Super Comic Con yesterday. More from today later…The […]

Live From The Marvelman Panel At London Super Comic Con (VIDEO UPDATE)

Live from the Marvelman panel at London Super Comic Con, Gary Leach, Alan Davis and Mark Buckingham have been talking about their experiences with Marvelman. Garry Leach talked about being art director on Warrior, wanting to move to more science fiction stories in the magazine, and recruiting Alan Davis to replace him on the story. […]

The Look Of London Super Comic Con… 143 Shots Of Booths And Creators

Whether it be Charlie Adlard being attacked by zombies at A Place In Apace, Dan Slott's impressive beard making its UK debut, Katie Cook's line being as long in the UK as in the US, the impact that is Jonathan Ross striding through the show, David Hine's signed-script-and-signed-comic combo, Max Books madness all over the […]

IDW At Diamond Retailer Day, London – Bring Back GI Joe

Dirk Wood from IDW began "So I was told that My Little Pony is not a real comic book, sorry…" It wasn't a great day. Their editor -in-chief, Chris Ryall, was being held by UK customs. Though twenty minutes after we posted that story, surely by coincidence, he was suddenly released without another word. And […]

Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill Talk Revenge At Diamond Retailer Day, London (VIDEO)

Straight from yesterday's Diamond Retailer Day in London, the day before today's London Super Comic Con…  Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill talk about their new comic book Revenge, as well as what they'll be doing next. Jonathan has a number of projects to work on and Ian is doing more Marineman… Let's see them entertain the […]

Boom At Diamond Retailer Day, London, In Video!

Matt Gagnon, editor-in-chief of Boom! ran videos of many creators and many projects, running through the gamut of imprints and differing books that the company publishes. Videos from George Perez, "doing it right" for licensed comics, from Eric Powell for Big Trouble In Little China, and many more as they celebrated their work and the […]