Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month

I do like Gosh Comics of London. And Gosh Comics like comics. Lots of them. And in March they have a lot to show for it, announcing British Comics Month. Let's have a look at what they, and others, have planned for the month of March…

Now until March 9th – Alone Forever, An Exhibition By Liz Prince – Orbital Comics

Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month

Orbital will have an exclusive and limited bookplate edition of Liz Prince's new book on Topshelf, Alone Forever, host an exhibition with art both from the book and her other works.

Saturday, 1st March, 1pm to 2pm – Forbidden Planet

Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill signing Revenge #1, out this week from Image Comics with the uncensored version of this Forbidden Planet exclusive.


Wednesday, 5th March, 7pm to 9pm – Gosh Comics

PROCESS has invited artists from London's contemporary comics publisher Breakdown Press to talk about their methods. Featuring Breakdown Press artists Joe Kessler (Windowpane), Antoine Cossé, and Zoe Taylor, as well as Tom Oldham and Simon Hacking, who run the publisher.

Wednesday, 5th March, 7pm to 9pm – Forbidden Planet

Dan Boultwood, Stuart Jennett and Martin Stiff! signing It Came!

Friday, 7th March, 7pm to 9pm – Gosh Comics


The Selfmade Hero Spring Party, featuring ILYA, Mark Stafford, and Reinhard Kleist. ILYA and Stafford are both well-known faces of the UK comics scene and have launched their respective books Room For Love and The Man Who Laughs (written by David Hine) at Gosh! late last year. Now they will be here again to sign and chat to fans, with Reinhard Kleist, German cartoonist and creator of the ever-popular comic biographies Johnny Cash and Castro. Kleist has turned his beautiful brush-work style to his new book, The Boxer: a biography of Hertzko Haft, a native Pole who survived the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and later emigrated to the Unites States to become a professional boxer. There's some info on it here. The book will be available from Gosh! on the day of the launch, and Kleist will be here to sign & chat. On top of that, there will be refreshments of the alcoholic sort, to emphasise the "Party" in "Spring Party".

Wednesday, 12th of March, 7pm to 9pm – Gosh Comics

Comics Goship!, the monthly comics book club that takes place at Gosh!, also looks at Breakdown Press as part of a British Boutique Publishers session. The group will be discussing Klaus by Richard Short from BDP, Show Me The Map Of Your Heart by John Cei Douglas from Great Beast, and The Festival by Jazz Greenhill from Avery Hill Publishing.

Friday, 14th March, 7pm to 9pm – Gosh Comics



Great Beast is a UK indie publisher run by dream-team Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby, both with long runs of diary comics under their belts (The Everyday and Ellerbisms, respectively). GB's roster includes a veritable who's who of faces at UK conventions: Robert Ball, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (current artist on Tank Girl), Dan Berry (also host of the excellent Make It Then Tell Everybody series of podcasts about cartoonists' process), John Riordan & Dan Cox, John Cei Douglas, and Isabel Greenberg, whose book The Encyclopedia of Early Earth recently made it unto the New York Times Bestseller list. Of course Cadwell's and Ellerby's more action-based new series, Blood Blokes and Chloe Noonan, are also on the list of these tasty, tasty offerings. The entire GB team will be descending upon Gosh for the evening for chatting, drinking, signing, and possibly more drinking. Great Beast's website is here to peruse.

Saturday, 15th March, London Excel Centre


The London Super Comic Con. Shaping up to be the UK's premier comics-focused comic convention, there will be plenty of guests from all over the world, including Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press.

Saturday, 15th March, 2pm to 3pm, 7pm on – Gosh Comics



Out this March from Flying Eye Books (NoBrow's children's line), is the long-awaited fourth part of Eisner-nominated Luke Pearson's lovely Hilda stories. This time round, Hilda and her otherworldly friends find themselves dealing with alternate realities and a looming, mysterious dark spectre skulking through the streets of Trolberg. More info on the book can be found here. There will be an all-ages signing for munchkin fans of the series in the afternoon, and a launch party for the mature fans to clink glasses and raise the roof in the evening. Luke will also be doing a window painting for us throughout the day, because he's lovely like that.

Sunday, 16th March, London Excel Centre

The second day of the London Super Comic Con. Shaping up to be the UK's premier comics-focused comic convention, there will be plenty of guests from all over the world, including Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press.

Monday, 17th of March, 6pm to 7pm – Forbidden Planet

John Layman signing Chew.

Monday, 17th of March, 6pm to 8.30pm – Foyles Gallery

Laydeez Do Comics: Monthly Graphic Novel Forum
All are welcome to this monthly graphic novel forum with a focus on comics about everyday life. Free but book here.

Tuesday, 18th of March, 7pm to 8.30pm – Gosh Comics

CITY LIT TALK with John Miers: City Lit, the Centre for Adult Learning, will be holding another talk on Graphic Storytelling at Gosh!, hosted by the excellent John Miers. You will be able to purchase tickets through their website soon.

Wednesday, 19th of March, 6pm to 7pm – Forbidden Planet

Dan Slott signing Superior Spider-Man

Friday, 21st March, 7.30pm to 9pm – Gosh Comics



Gosh's Steven runs a monthly night called Process, where working and aspiring comics artists and writers get together and (you've probably guessed it by now) talk about their work process. As part of British Comics Month, March will see a Blank Slate themed affair, with Darryl Cunningham (Science Tales, Uncle Bob Adventures), Joe Decie (The Accidental Salad) and Lizz Lunney (Take Away), all talking about their own comics-making methods, chaired by Woodrow Phoenix. Creators will also be available to sign books after the talk!

Saturday, 22nd March, 2pm to 3pm – Gosh Comics


March 22nd is International Hellboy Day! Dark Horse is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Mike Mignola's creation with a hardcover retrospective, a sampler issue for new readers, and events across the world.  Gosh! is joining the celebrations by having all British Hellboy creators under one roof. Laurence Campbell, Duncan Fegredo, and Mick McMahon will be here to sign YOUR copies. Some more information on Hellboy Day here. Gosh! will also announce an exclusive print to come soon.

Wednesday, 23rd March, 6pm to 7pm – Gosh Comics


Dan Abnett, Tom Eglington, Simon Coleby, Simon Davis and Smudge will be here to sign for fans, and 2000AD will ALSO be launching the PROG 1874 issue – billed as a jumping-on point for new readers! So if you've always wanted to read 2000AD and never have, or used to and fell out of the habit, here's a chance for you to make good on that promise to yourself and start picking up the magazine without any confusion. JOB DONE.


After last year's sell-out drawing class, artist Des Taylor returns to Orbital with the stunning Nina Hearne and cosplay queen Emmy Clapp for Comic Book Vixens on Friday, March 28 at 7.30pm. You can expect the girls in a variety of costumes and poses – emulating some of the great femme fatales of comicdom – plus there will be complimentary drinks beforehand and at half-time. Tickets are available for only £10 in-store or via Paypal using the link. Get in quick as this is sure to sell out fast!

Saturday, 29th March, 2pm to 6pm – Gosh Comics


The grand old wizard of comics, Alan Moore, and the wonderfully talented Kevin O'Neill will be at Gosh! all day, signing copies of Nemo: Roses Of Berlin, out from Knockabout. ROB is a continuation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, following last year's Nemo: Heart of Ice tale, which focuses on the adventures of science-fiction brigand Janni Nemo. This time Janni has to travel to a Berlin occupied by the dictator Adenoid Hynkel to save her loved ones, who have been taken hostage by a mysterious but familiar enemy. Heavily influenced by Expressionist German Cinema of the Weimar Republic, this Nemo is a thrilling ride through shadows, totalitarian nightmares, and mechanical monsters.

Alan and Kevin will only be able to sign four items per person, and only books in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series – that way, everyone has a chance to have a chat as well as getting their LOEG books signed! Look out for a special release on the day, too.

Sunday, 30th March, Noon on – Royal National Hotel

London Comic Mart

Dan Boultwood, Stuart Jennett and Martin Stiff!

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