Live From The Marvelman Panel At London Super Comic Con (VIDEO UPDATE)

Live from the Marvelman panel at London Super Comic Con, Gary Leach, Alan Davis and Mark Buckingham have been talking about their experiences with Marvelman.


Garry Leach talked about being art director on Warrior, wanting to move to more science fiction stories in the magazine, and recruiting Alan Davis to replace him on the story. Alan Davis said that it was because he was willing to work for very little money.

It was clear on the stage that Alan wasn't really as up for talking about the comic as either Garry or Mark, but then Alan has had a chequered past with the character, never paid or asked for permission for his work to be published by Eclipse, and falling out with Alan Moore over this and the treatment of the Captain Britain. When asked of his involvement in the new production, "I drew a few covers" and that "I don't think I brought anything to the character."

But the panel were more about talking about the future, and how Mark Buckingham has nine issues yet too draw, when Neil Gaiman and he will be working on the remains of The Silver Age and The Dark Age. He will also be remastering artwork from The Silver Age issues…

Garry Leach, Alan Davis and Mark Buckingham were united in their disappointment of some of the variant covers used on the series, with the character seen too much as a typical superhero character, rather than the more natural, ballet-like elegant nature of the character, which has separated him from the standard trope.

They also talked about the impact of Warrior magazine. Mark described it as the cream of British talent, "the very best we had to offer as a nation" though it was cancelled a month after he paid for a subscription. "Dez Skinn wherever you are I still want my seventeen pounds."

Garry Leach looked at the market a the time, a mix of warm kids, reprint and licences titles, but Warrior was the first to aim for an adult audience that the bigger publications wouldn't try. Garry talked about low page rates and poor distribution however, and how they got two days notice before they had to stop publication three years in.

Alan Davis didn't choose to make any comment about Warrior…

Garry did mention how Dez Skinn got the colouring job of the first Eclipse issue done by fabric cutters from Spain for twelve pounds a page. And that in comparison with their job, the Marvel version is so much nicer…

And Alan Davis admits to basing the face of Marvelman on a page three model. Female, of course…

UPDATE: Video courtesy of Ramon Vitral.



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