London Super Comic Con 2015 – From New York To Vegas

IMG_20150314_093833580_HDRAs ever, rival London ExCel show MCM Expo covered the local DLR stations in ads for their shows… though the London Super Comic Con felt secure with their ads on Syfy TV instead…. here's a look at the show, with cosplay to follow.

IMG_20150314_103050602IMG_20150314_103152328 IMG_20150314_103140772 IMG_20150314_103120717_HDR IMG_20150314_103112066  IMG_20150314_103057246

I wanted to give special praise to the Press Room at the show, which was a recreation of the Daily Planet offices.

IMG_20150314_173029560 IMG_20150314_172955676

British comedian Johnny Vegas, star of Ideal and Benidorm, popped by and made a friend at Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press. Who also had Kieron Gillen, Max Brooks, Si Spurrier and Garth Ennis signing. And at the front of Kieron's line, those who had waited 90 minutes, as Kieron has suffered a rather late Friday night, got free The Wicked + The Divine T-shirts…

IMG_20150314_155008268IMG_20150314_132340nopmIMG_20150314_122947082  IMG_20150314_122936915 IMG_20150314_122931001    IMG_20150314_122100188IMG_20150314_103943969IMG_20150314_103849861IMG_20150314_103843094IMG_20150314_103839853

Other crowds were generated by Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill, who were signing books, posters and comics from the opening of the show to its end with minimal break. It is likely that they signed more comic books than anyone else at the show, and the line kept stretching and stretching.

IMG_20150314_105211436  IMG_20150314_105202010 IMG_20150314_105156305

Though Neal Adams seemed to challenge that! And had some Gotham-inspired art to share. He also told a wonderful tale about meeting a mystical stranger in a Chicago alleyway with glowing eyes who told him that if he would stand up for fellow creators, get credit, royalties and returned artwork for as many of his peers as possible, then in return he would be able to keep his hair…

IMG_20150314_104659113  IMG_20150314_104724783IMG_20150314_104710369

From those I talked to the show was a big success for both punter and vendor. Bob Layton told me that the only show to rival this in terms of cash on the table is Dubai, and creators seemed to be filling their boots. Not every vendor saw and uptick in sales on last year, but they all seemed very satisfied. There were plenty of sellouts – both of newly launched comics, and older work, and by the end of Saturday, some folk were wondering exactly what they were going to be able to sell on Sunday. Fans talked up the accessibility of creators, with effective management of tickets and lines so they all seemed to get to see who they wanted to see, if they organised it in advance.

The show emphasises comic books over other media, as opposed to MCM, as this seemed to be the most attractive draw for attendees, and the appearance of big name US comic creators brought out old time fans and old time chequebooks. And while no one had quite the draw of Stan Lee two years ago, there was a lot more love to spread around.

And as for other media, there was basically just Syfy, with a cosplay FanCam Matrix-style camera shoot. Here is my rather risible attempt….


The only critique I heard was the leaking of sound from the panel "rooms" of that those inside the rooms were drowned out by the vendors – and vice versa. Future shows would benefit from isolating the panels more effectively.

Oh and everyone wanted to be Valiant's friend after a certain announcement last week…

Here's a look at some of the other comic book publishers and creators on display… from New York's Midtown Comics setting up show, to John Romita Jr, Art Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz to Charlie Adlard drawing the crowds.

IMG_20150314_103229257 IMG_20150314_170552181  IMG_20150314_165841360IMG_20150314_165837190IMG_20150314_170532478     IMG_20150314_165509491 IMG_20150314_164319603_HDR  IMG_20150314_164159443_HDRIMG_20150314_160104828 IMG_20150314_155702052_HDRIMG_20150314_164006nopmIMG_20150314_155436231_HDR              IMG_20150314_154449092  IMG_20150314_154440964 IMG_20150314_153704080 IMG_20150314_153652733 IMG_20150314_153632320 IMG_20150314_153619417    IMG_20150314_141538003 IMG_20150314_141533197  IMG_20150314_115825191IMG_20150314_141001058 IMG_20150314_140956806 IMG_20150314_141018339IMG_20150314_132840084  IMG_20150314_132742103 IMG_20150314_132737296_HDR IMG_20150314_132727995 IMG_20150314_132425253 IMG_20150314_132404853     IMG_20150314_123444087 IMG_20150314_120429216  IMG_20150314_115054501 IMG_20150314_113553110_HDR IMG_20150314_110644029_HDR IMG_20150314_110046960 IMG_20150314_110043281 IMG_20150314_110014662 IMG_20150314_110010007 IMG_20150314_105842513     IMG_20150314_104929095  IMG_20150314_104904518_HDR  IMG_20150314_103359228 IMG_20150314_103307494 IMG_20150314_103301498

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