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LucidSound Launches Wireless Gaming Headsets For Next-Gen Consoles
LucidSound revealed this morning that they have launched a new set of wireless gaming headsets for the Xbox Series X and PS5 The two new brands are the LS15X and LS15P, both designed to be high-performance headsets for both consoles, no matter which one you purchase it for The goal of them is to give[...]
PowerA Announces They've Acquired Fellow Audio Brand LucidSound
Now it appears both of those areas will be aligned with each other and brought into focus as PowerA will apparently bring LucidSound into the fold over the course of the next year and eventually merge operations into their umbrella in a phased approach However, that doesn't mean PowerA is dropping the brand, as they[...]
LucidSound Announces Several Products During E3 2019
As we play catchup to some items we missed during E3 2019, LucidSound had a number of items revealed over the convention We were set to have an appointment with the group, but as is the case sometimes with E3, you end up missing something because something is in a location that ends up being[...]
LucidSound Brings More Improved Gaming Headsets to E3
The folks over at LucidSound have always had some awesome gear to show off at E3, and this year was no exception with a few new headsets First up, they created a new pair of headsets officially licensed by Microsoft in the LS15X and LS35X, specifically designed to work with the Xbox One's wireless controllers[...]
LucidSound Announces 2 New Wireless Gaming Headsets
This morning, LucidSound revealed two new wireless gaming headsets being added to their line before E3 kicks off next week The two models are the LS31 and the LS41, both of which will be on display during the convention The company has seen a lot of growth in the gaming market, and it appears they're[...]
Gaming Audio On A Budget As We Review The LucidSound LS20 Headset
On the first day of E3, I was invited to an early morning breakfast where streamers and press got to check out the new offerings from LucidSound, and we were offered copies for review By the time I got there, they had run out but promised a copy of their new LS20 Headset would be[...]
LucidSound Reveals Brand New Gaming Headsets For 2017
Starting in September and into the holiday shopping season, LucidSound will be presenting a new line of headphones on the market specifically designed for gamers We did a quick breakfast presentation with them at E3 this morning where they showed off the new models. Among them was the brand new LS20, specifically designed for PC gamers with a[...]