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Staged Series 2 Ep 8: At the Endgame, it’s All About Friendship
Even Georgia, Anna, and Lucy (Lucy Eaton) completely rewrote his script for their charity scene together Because he can't write women And the real Simon Evans wrote and directed all this. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 8", BBC The clouds have opened for David and Michael David is heading off to Cardiff to film his new[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 5: Tennant and Sheen’s Hell is Other Actors
"At least they have each other?" Lucy (Lucy Eaton) asks of Georgia (Georgia Tennant) and Anna (Anna Lundberg) The wives, who see things clearly, are not so sure. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 5", BBC Michael has a glimmer of hope: he's been invited to be best man for his oldest friend who now lives in[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 3: Whoopi Reads the Riot Act
She would get a lot of shit done. Still from "Staged Series 2 Episode 3" BBC Meanwhile, Georgia (Georgia Tennant), Anna (Anna Lundberg), and Lucy (Lucy Eaton) are having a very good time rehearsing the scene they're playing for charity They are the utter opposite of their men, laughing and chatting and just getting on with it[...]