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I Hate Suzy Too: Billie Piper Returns to HBO Max on December 22nd
Suffice to say, everything that she shouldn't do, she does, and all the terrible things that could happen do happen, and it's horrible for her, but both horrible and hilarious for us. Co-creator and acclaimed playwright Lucy Prebble, who is also a writer on HBO's Succession, layers nearly every scene in I Hate Suzie Too with[...]
I Hate Suzy Too: Billie Piper Returns to HBO Max on December 22nd
Will she win the hearts of the British public? And restore her reputation? And at what cost? Written by acclaimed playwright and contributor to HBO's Succession Lucy Prebble and co-created with Piper, who also stars, the series is produced by Bad Wolf (also currently producing the new season of Doctor Who) in association with Sky Studios[...]
I Hate Suzie
Co-creator and executive producer Lucy Prebble, who has written for Succession, has returned to the new season, which will be directed by Dawn Shadforth. I Hate Suzie is streaming on HBO Max in the US. I Hate Suzie Too, the upcoming second season of Billie Piper's BAFTA-nominated star vehicle will return as a 3-part "anti-Christmas Christmas[...]
Billie Piper in "I Hate Suzie", HBO Max, Sky
The series was created by Piper and acclaimed playwright Lucy Prebble, who wrote Enron and worked on HBO's Succession. The series follows an actress whose life is thrown into turmoil when her phone is hacked and extremely compromising photographs of her are leaked The show fits in the new trend for shows created, written, and directed[...]