I Hate Suzie Too: Billie Piper Series Returns to HBO Max This Month

Billie Piper returns in a new season of her hit self-eviscerating dramedy I Hate Suzie this December with I Hate Suzie Too (get the pun?), a three-episode special that will premiere in the US on HBO Max on December 22nd, joining its first season.

I Hate Suzy Too: Billie Piper Returns to HBO Max on December 22nd
Still from "I Hate Suzy Too," courtesy of HBO Max, Sky

In I Hate Suzie Too, child star-turned-actress Suzie Pickles (Piper) has seemingly picked up her life and career after the disastrous fallouts at the end of last season. She has a new agent, new Public Relations reps, and a new job – dancing for likes on "Dance Crazee," a reality TV competition that has the Saturday night audience hooked. Having lost everyone that matters to her, Suzie returns to her first love – the public. Battling resentful ex-husband Cob (Daniel Ings) with the help of best friend Naomi (Leila Farzad), Suzie must try to keep life as stable as possible for her young son Frank (Matthew Jordan-Caws) and stay on 'Dance Crazee' long enough to finance her new role as single mum and ex-wife. In this three-part anti-Christmas Christmas special, Suzie fights to regain the love of the British public whilst her personal life once again spirals out of control. Will she win the hearts of the British public? And restore her reputation? And at what cost?

Written by acclaimed playwright and contributor to HBO's Succession Lucy Prebble and co-created with Piper, who also stars, the series is produced by Bad Wolf (also currently producing the new season of Doctor Who) in association with Sky Studios. Executive Producers are Andrea Dewsbery, with Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter for Bad Wolf, alongside Piper and Prebble. Dawn Shadforth is the director of all three episodes.

Piper has been candid in admitting I Hate Suzie Too features a more messed up alter ego version of herself in an act of self-lacerating self-examination. Suzie is frequently more sinned against than a sinner, and her low self-esteem and narcissism often send her self-destructive tendencies into overdrive, where she proceeds to make everything worse for herself even though what happened to her at the beginning was not always her fault. That is the tragedy of Suzie Pickles, and the series feels like a cleansing ritual enacted by Piper, though still in the most darkly funny way possible. It's a series worth your time in its unique portrait of a female celebrity looking for redemption in all the wrong places. I Hate Suzie & I Hate Suzie Too are ultimately a story about how desperate she is to be loved.

I Hate Suzie is already on HBO Max and will be joined by I Hate Suzie Too on December 22nd.

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