I Hate Suzie Too: 3-Part Anti-Christmas Mini-Season Special Preview

I Hate Suzie Too, the upcoming second season of Billie Piper's BAFTA-nominated star vehicle will return as a 3-part "anti-Christmas Christmas special" towards the end of the year and reveal whether Piper's former child star Suzie Pickles can restore her public reputation without blowing what's left of her personal and professional life. The first season ended with her entire life in freefall.

I Hate Suzie
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As the official synopsis goes: "Suzie has a new agent, new PR, and a new job – dancing for likes on Dance Crazee, a reality TV competition that has the Saturday night audience hooked. Having lost everyone that matters to her, Suzie returns to her first love: the public. Battling ex-husband Cob (Daniel Ings) with the help of estranged best friend Naomi (Leila Farzad), Suzie must try to keep life as stable as possible for her young son Frank (Matthew Jordan-Caws), all whilst staying on Dance Crazee long enough to finance her new role as single mum and ex-wife." Several new faces are also joining the cast for season 2, including breakthrough It's A Sin star and recent BAFTA nominee Omari Douglas, as well as Blake Harrison from The Inbetweeners.

Once again, Suzie will compete for the public's affection as she always does, since she craves it, with the money from the gig going directly towards funding a stable life for her young son, Frank (Matthew Jordan-Caws). Keeping up a cheery face won't be easy because she fights with her ex-husband Cob (Daniel Ings), and all the ingredients for more meltdowns are in place. The question is how public they'll be.

Suzie's best friend & former agent Naomi (Leila Farzad) is still around to give her support, while a new agent and PR have a vested interest in getting Suzie back into the spotlight. As well as Douglas and Harrison, other newcomers include Douglas Hodge, Layton Williams, Anastasia Hille, Angela Sant'Albano, Reza Diako, and Yaz Zadeh. Co-creator and executive producer Lucy Prebble, who has written for Succession, has returned to the new season, which will be directed by Dawn Shadforth.

I Hate Suzie is streaming on HBO Max in the US.

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